A very bad day on Wall Street. A promising day for passengers trapped on a cruise ship. And a drama-free day (finally) for the royal family. 

It’s Ashley with the news you need to know. 

But first, take a moment to look at the stars: A big ol’ “worm moon” is coming to a sky near you tonight, the first supermoon of the year. 

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The stock market came plummeting down

If you haven’t checked in on your retirement account today, you might want to sit down before taking a look. The stock market collapsed Monday. The Dow briefly plummeted 2,000 points after a free fall in oil prices sparked fear among investors already worried that the fast-spreading coronavirus could grind the global economy to a halt. To put it into perspective: Just three weeks ago, stocks were at an all-time high. Now, trillions of dollars in stock value have been wiped out – raising fears of a recession.

Does this mean we should all panic? Absolutely not. Stay the course and remain calm, says our finance reporter Jessica Menton. Remember: Cheaper stocks are a good thing for investors over a long-term horizon. Check in on your investments. Some weakness could serve as a buying opportunity.

It’s probably not the best time to go on a cruise

Princess Cruises’ Grand Princess finally docked in Oakland, California, on Monday after 21 people on the ship tested positive for coronavirus, including 19 crew members. All American passengers on the ship will be routed to military bases in California, Texas or Georgia for a 14-day quarantine, authorities said. In Florida, passengers on another Princess Cruises ship were kept aboard Monday, pending coronavirus tests for the crew. The Caribbean Princess is under a “no sail order” from the CDC and must remain at anchor off Florida until further notice. 

The global coronavirus death toll was at 3,996 Monday, according to Johns Hopkins. The total of confirmed cases surpassed 113,000, including more than 600 cases in the USA.

What everyone’s talking about

Sure looks like one big happy royal family 

We’ve been hearing a lot about the drama within the world’s most famous royal clan, but the queen and co. presented a reasonably united front Monday as they gathered for the annual Commonwealth Day service in Westminster Abbey. Those spotted living happily royal after? Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan of Sussex, and Prince William and Duchess Kate of Cambridge. The service was the first all-hands royal get-together since Harry and Meghan, the queen’s grandson and his wife, chose to “step back” from being senior working royals. Don’t get used to these sightings: It may be the last time we see the royals together in this way for some time.

These prosecutors aren’t horsing around

Federal prosecutors charged 27 racehorse trainers, veterinarians and drug distributors  Monday in a series of indictments for allegedly doping horses. Jason Servis, trainer of the notorious Maximum Security, was among those charged. The indictment claims that Servis provided performance-enhancing drugs to “virtually all” of his horses for years, which included more than 1,000 races. Maximum Security drew attention in last May’s Kentucky Derby when the horse crossed the finish line first but was disqualified for knocking into another horse and impeding its momentum.  

Real quick 

A message to Playboy: Dolly Parton’s beauty is beyond compare

Dolly Parton is 74 going on 21, and we’re here for it. As the music icon’s 75th birthday approaches, Parton says she has some specific aspirations in mind. “I plan to be on the cover of Playboy magazine again,” Parton said in an interview. “I thought it would be such a hoot if they’ll go for it – I don’t know if they will – if I could be on the cover again, when I’m 75.” She noted she could “probably” still wear her original outfit from the 1978 photo shoot (#goals). Parton was the first country singer to pose for the magazine when she landed the 1978 cover wearing the trademark Playboy bunny outfit – ears, bow tie and all. Give the woman the birthday gift she deserves, Playboy.

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