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We are excited to share with you today an exclusive interview with Alton Mason, where he unveils his hydrating skin-care routine. As a model and dancer who has graced the pages of Vogue and even shared the stage with the likes of Elvis Presley, Alton’s flawless complexion has always been a topic of fascination. Join us as we delve into his beauty secrets and discover the steps behind his radiant skin.

Alton Mason Reveals His Hydrating Skin-Care Routine: A Beauty Secret from Elvis Star


When it comes to male grooming and skincare, the industry has made significant strides in recent years. More and more men are embracing self-care and understanding the importance of maintaining healthy skin. In this article, we sit down with Alton Mason, renowned model and actor, as he walks us through his daily beauty routine. Alton reflects on his acting debut and opens up about his unique journey in the fashion industry. Moreover, he shares valuable advice from his mother and praises fellow models like Paloma Elsesser and Precious Lee for their positive impact on the industry.

Alton Mason: Embracing Uniqueness

Alton Mason, with his striking features and unmistakable style, has taken the fashion industry by storm. In a world where conformity often reigns, Alton stands out for his individuality and the way he fearlessly expresses himself. With his acting debut as Little Richard in the movie “Elvis,” Mason has garnered even more attention. Through this role, he has not only impressed audiences with his talent but has also embraced his identity and empowered others to do the same.

Advice from Mom: A Valuable Lesson

Alton Mason attributes much of his success and confidence to the advice he received from his mother. She taught him the importance of self-love and embracing his uniqueness. Taking this lesson to heart, Alton has become a role model for many young individuals who struggle with acceptance and self-esteem. His journey in the fashion industry serves as a reminder that we should not be afraid to be ourselves, as that is what makes us truly stand out.

Impactful Models: Paloma Elsesser and Precious Lee

In an industry that has historically favored certain body types and beauty standards, Alton Mason shares his admiration for fellow models like Paloma Elsesser and Precious Lee. These women have shattered the molds and made space for diversity on the runways and in campaigns. Their influence extends beyond the fashion industry, as they inspire individuals worldwide to embrace their unique beauty. Alton applauds their achievements and their relentless commitment to breaking barriers.

The Beauty Secret: Alton’s Hydrating Skin-Care Routine

Alton Mason’s beauty routine is centered around one word: hydration. He understands that healthy skin starts from within, and he prioritizes nourishing and moisturizing his skin to maintain its natural radiance. Here is Alton’s daily skin-care routine, ensuring that his skin stays hydrated and glowing:

  1. Cleansing: Alton starts his routine by gently cleansing his face with a mild facial cleanser to remove impurities and excess oil.

  2. Exfoliation: Once or twice a week, Alton exfoliates his skin using a gentle scrub to slough off any dead skin cells and reveal a brighter complexion.

  3. Facial Steamer: Alton incorporates a facial steamer into his routine to open up his pores and allow better absorption of the following products.

  4. Clay Mask: After steaming, Alton applies a hydrating clay mask to replenish his skin’s moisture levels and remove any remaining impurities.

  5. Hydrating Serum: Alton follows up with a hydrating serum enriched with antioxidants to nourish his skin and protect it from environmental stressors.

  6. Moisturizer: To lock in the hydration, Alton applies a moisturizer suitable for his skin type, ensuring his skin stays supple and hydrated throughout the day.

The Memorable Movie Experience

Alton Mason’s portrayal of Little Richard in the movie “Elvis” was a significant milestone in his career. The film premiered with much anticipation and excitement, and Alton recalls an unforgettable experience from the event. He was overwhelmed by the positive response he received, and the realization that his hard work and dedication had paid off. It was a truly memorable moment that will forever be etched in his mind.

Protecting the Skin: SPF and Sunscreen

Alton emphasizes the importance of protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. He understands that sun exposure can accelerate the aging process and cause damage to the skin. To combat these effects, he always wears SPF and uses sunscreen before stepping out into the sun. This simple yet crucial step helps preserve the health and youthful appearance of his skin.


Alton Mason’s beauty routine is not only about external care but also about embracing one’s uniqueness. His journey in the fashion industry serves as an inspiration to many, encouraging individuals to love themselves and feel confident in their skin. With his acting debut and recognition as Little Richard in “Elvis,” Alton is making waves and demonstrating that embracing one’s true self can lead to incredible opportunities.

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