Aluna Francis Reveals Her Beauty Secrets: AlunaGeorge’s Lead Singer Spills the Beans in Exclusive Vogue Interview

Are you curious to know the beauty secrets of a true music sensation? Look no further as Aluna Francis, the lead singer of AlunaGeorge, is here to spill the beans! In an exclusive interview with Vogue, she unveils her tried-and-true beauty tips, allowing you to dive into her world of glamour. Get ready to discover her captivating routine and unlock the secrets behind Aluna’s radiant beauty. So, grab a cup of tea and get ready to be amazed!


In a recent exclusive interview with Vogue, Aluna Francis, the lead singer of AlunaGeorge, revealed her beauty secrets and shared her go-to look and tricks. Known for her flawless complexion and impeccable style, Aluna spills the beans on how she achieves her stunning appearance. From her expert cat-eye technique to her secret hairstyling weapon, she shares it all with us. So, if you’ve ever wondered how Aluna maintains her flawless look, get ready to discover her unique beauty routine!

Aluna Francis’ Beauty Routine

Achieving the Perfect Cat-Eye

Aluna starts her makeup routine by focusing on her eyes. She shares an expert cat-eye technique that she has mastered over the years. Using a high-quality liquid eyeliner, she carefully traces a thin line along her upper lash line, gradually flicking it outward to create a flattering winged effect. This technique enhances her eyes, giving them a mesmerizing and sophisticated look.

The Secret Hairstyling Weapon

When it comes to her hair, Aluna reveals her secret hairstyling weapon – a curling wand. She believes that adding loose curls to her hair instantly adds volume and elegance to her overall appearance. Aluna uses the wand to create effortless waves that cascade beautifully around her face, enhancing her natural beauty.

Illuminating Foundation and Perfectly Groomed Eyebrows

To achieve a radiant complexion, Aluna incorporates an illuminator into her foundation. This gives her skin a healthy glow and a flawless finish. Additionally, Aluna pays special attention to her eyebrows. She fills them in using a brow pencil or powder, ensuring they are well-groomed and perfectly shaped, accentuating her eyes and framing her face.

Eyeshadow Squiggles for Eye Contouring

Aluna takes a unique approach to eyeshadow application. Instead of using traditional techniques, she often creates eyeshadow squiggles to contour her eyes. Blending different shades of eyeshadow, she creates depth and dimension, adding a touch of creativity and uniqueness to her makeup look.

Straight-Up Lashes for a Bold Look

When it comes to her eyelashes, Aluna prefers a straight-up line rather than a curved effect. She achieves this by using an eyelash curler followed by a lengthening mascara. This technique opens up her eyes and creates a bold, wide-eyed look that perfectly complements her overall makeup style.

Precise Lip Line with a Lip Brush

Aluna believes that a well-defined lip line is the key to a flawless pout. To achieve this, she uses a lip brush to carefully outline her lips, ensuring precision and accuracy. This technique allows her to create the perfect lip shape and prevents her lipstick from smudging throughout the day.

Enhancing Cheekbones with a Super Angle

To accentuate her cheekbones, Aluna incorporates a super angle technique. Using a contouring powder or cream, she applies it just below her cheekbones in a diagonal line towards her temples. This technique adds definition and structure to her face, giving her a sculpted and glamorous look.

Refreshing Hair with Moisturizing Cream and Clips

To refresh her hair and give it a polished finish, Aluna relies on a simple yet effective trick. She applies a small amount of moisturizing cream to her hands and gently runs it through her hair, taming any frizz and adding a touch of shine. Additionally, she uses hair clips to create volume at the roots, giving her hair that extra lift and bounce.


In conclusion, Aluna Francis, the lead singer of AlunaGeorge, has shared her beauty secrets and spilled the beans on how she achieves her stunning appearance. From her expert cat-eye technique to her secret hairstyling weapon, Aluna’s unique beauty routine serves as an inspiration for those looking to enhance their own beauty regimen. So, if you’re looking to achieve a flawless complexion and impeccable style like Aluna, take a page from her book and incorporate these tips and tricks into your daily routine.


  1. Q: What is Aluna Francis’ go-to look?
    A: Aluna Francis loves creating a perfect cat-eye and adding loose curls to her hair.

  2. Q: What is Aluna’s secret hairstyling weapon?
    A: Aluna’s secret hairstyling weapon is a curling wand that she uses to create effortless waves.

  3. Q: How does Aluna achieve a radiant complexion?
    A: Aluna incorporates an illuminator into her foundation to achieve a radiant complexion.

  4. Q: How does Aluna contour her eyes?
    A: Aluna contours her eyes by creating eyeshadow squiggles using different shades of eyeshadow.

  5. Q: How does Aluna enhance her cheekbones?
    A: Aluna enhances her cheekbones by using a super angle technique with contouring powder or cream.

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