Ashley Graham’s Stunning Red Carpet Beauty Look Revealed!

Ashley Graham’s stunning red carpet beauty look has been revealed! She effortlessly accentuated her natural beauty with a mesmerizing combination of flawless makeup and a captivating hairstyle. From the moment she stepped onto the red carpet, all eyes were on Ashley, as she perfectly showcased her unique style and undeniable confidence. Let’s delve into the details of her show-stopping beauty look and uncover the secrets behind her glamorous appearance.

Ashley Graham’s Stunning Red Carpet Beauty Look Revealed!


In the world of Hollywood glamour, red carpet looks are a highly anticipated aspect of celebrity culture. Fans are always eager to know the beauty secrets behind the flawless faces and breathtaking ensembles. One such celebrity who never fails to impress on the red carpet is Ashley Graham. Renowned for her empowering stance and stunning curves, Ashley also knows how to rock a red carpet beauty look like no other. In a recent video created by Vogue, she takes us through her step-by-step routine, sharing her go-to products and best-kept secrets. Let’s delve into Ashley Graham’s stunning red carpet beauty look and discover the products she uses to achieve that enviable glow.

Skincare Secrets – The Foundation of a Flawless Look

Ashley Graham begins her red carpet beauty routine by emphasizing the importance of skincare. She reveals that she prioritizes taking care of her neck, an often overlooked area. Ashley stresses the significance of using a neck cream to keep the skin firm and supple. Moving on to the face, she swears by a combination of Coach foundation and NARS concealer for a flawless base. The Coach foundation provides a seamless coverage that enhances her natural complexion, while the NARS concealer effectively hides any imperfections.

The Secret to Locking in Makeup – Charlotte Tilbury Setting Powder

To ensure that her makeup stays in place throughout the evening, Ashley relies on the Charlotte Tilbury setting powder. This makeup artist favorite helps to mattify the skin and provide a long-lasting finish. By applying a light dusting of the setting powder, she ensures that her red carpet look remains intact.

Achieving a Dewy Glow – Cream Blush and Highlighter Magic

Ashley Graham prefers a fresh and dewy look, opting for a cream blush rather than a powder formula. Her go-to is the dewy cream blush by Makeup Forever. She applies the blush to the apples of her cheeks, blending it upwards for a natural flush of color. To enhance her cheekbones and add an ethereal glow, Ashley uses highlighter. She applies it not only on her cheekbones but also on top of her lips and collarbone, creating a soft, radiant look that catches the light beautifully.

Framing the Face – Perfectly Defined Eyebrows

Well-groomed eyebrows can instantly transform a face, and Ashley Graham knows this all too well. She uses the Hourglass eyebrow pencil to shape and define her brows. By filling in any sparse areas and creating natural-looking arches, she frames her face and enhances her features.

Eyes That Pop – Definition and Volume

To add definition and drama to her eyes, Ashley reaches for the Marc Jacobs eyeliner. She applies it along her top lid, creating a subtle yet striking effect. Adding the right mascara is crucial for achieving voluminous lashes, and Ashley’s favorite is the L’Oreal Voluminous mascara. With just a few coats, she achieves the perfect amount of volume and length, making her eyes the focal point of her stunning red carpet look.

Perfecting the Pout – Soft and Luscious Lips

Rather than applying lipstick straight from the tube, Ashley Graham prefers a softer look for her lips. She applies the color using her finger, gently tapping it onto her lips for a natural and more subtle effect. To add a touch of gloss and a healthy glow, she finishes off with a swipe of Marc Jacobs lip gloss. The result is a luscious pout that complements her flawless red carpet beauty look.


Ashley Graham’s stunning red carpet beauty look is a testament to her beauty knowledge and confidence. Throughout her routine, she emphasizes the importance of skincare and highlights the products that help her achieve her flawless appearance. From the perfect complexion to the luscious lips and mesmerizing eyes, Ashley’s red carpet beauty routine is a masterclass in elegance and sophistication.


  1. What products does Ashley Graham use for her flawless base?
    Ashley Graham uses Coach foundation and NARS concealer for a flawless base.

  2. How does Ashley Graham lock in her makeup for a long-lasting finish?
    Ashley uses the Charlotte Tilbury setting powder to ensure her makeup stays in place.

  3. What type of blush does Ashley prefer for a dewy look?
    Ashley opts for a cream blush by Makeup Forever to achieve a fresh and radiant complexion.

  4. How does Ashley define her eyebrows for a perfectly framed face?
    Ashley uses the Hourglass eyebrow pencil to shape and define her eyebrows.

  5. What mascara does Ashley use for voluminous lashes?
    Ashley’s go-to mascara for voluminous lashes is the L’Oreal Voluminous mascara.

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