Bella Thorne Engages in a Game of Question or Confession in New Video

Discover the intriguing world of Bella Thorne as she dives into a captivating game of Question or Confession in her latest video. In this compelling blog post, we unveil the exciting moments where Bella fearlessly answers thought-provoking questions or reveals intriguing confessions, providing a glimpse into her fascinating life. Join us as we embark on an extraordinary journey into Bella Thorne’s world of curiosity and candidness.

Bella Thorne Engages in a Game of Question or Confession in New Video


Bella Thorne, the talented actress and social media sensation, recently took to her YouTube channel to play a game of Question or Confession with her fans. In the video, she candidly answers fan questions and makes some surprising confessions that give us a deeper insight into her personality. From her fear of being alone to her struggles with picking her nose due to her nose piercing, Bella Thorne leaves no stone unturned in this entertaining and revealing game.

Bella Thorne Answers Fan Questions and Makes Confessions

During the video, Bella Thorne fearlessly answers fan questions, shedding light on various aspects of her life. Here are some of the key moments from her engaging game:

Fear of Being Alone and Struggles with Picking Her Nose

In a moment of vulnerability, Bella Thorne opens up about her fear of being alone. This confession showcases her human side, reminding us that even celebrities have their own insecurities and anxieties. She also humorously reveals the struggles she faces with picking her nose due to her nose piercing, adding a relatable twist to the conversation.

Dislike for Mint Gum and Kissing Scenes

Bella Thorne surprises her fans by confessing her dislike for mint gum. This small detail adds a charming touch to her personality, making her more relatable. She also admits to having a dislike for kissing scenes, which might come as a surprise considering her successful career in the entertainment industry.

Close Relationship with Carter Jenkins

During the game, Bella Thorne mentions her close relationship with Carter Jenkins, her co-star from the TV show “Famous in Love.” This revelation showcases her strong bonds in the industry and gives us a glimpse into the friendships she has formed throughout her career.

Still Friends with Zendaya

Bella Thorne assures her fans that she is still friends with Zendaya, her former co-star from the hit TV show “Shake It Up.” However, due to their busy schedules, they don’t get the opportunity to hang out as often as they would like. This confession highlights the realities of maintaining friendships in the fast-paced world of showbiz.

Not Drinking Alcohol and Multiple Piercings

In a refreshing twist, Bella Thorne reveals that she does not drink alcohol. This decision showcases her commitment to a healthy lifestyle and sets a positive example for her fans. Additionally, she shares that she has multiple piercings, demonstrating her penchant for self-expression through body modifications.

Impact on People and Coming Out as Pansexual

Bella Thorne reflects on the impact she has on people, acknowledging the responsibility that comes with her fame. She also opens up about her journey of self-discovery and coming out as pansexual to her friends. This revelation showcases her bravery and the importance of embracing one’s own identity.

Challenges of Fame, Judgment, and Lack of Freedom

The video also touches upon the challenges Bella Thorne faces as a celebrity. She candidly discusses the judgment she receives and the lack of freedom that comes with fame. This honest conversation provides a glimpse into the less glamorous aspects of her life and the price she pays for her success.


In this captivating game of Question or Confession, Bella Thorne bares her soul to her fans, giving us a deeper understanding of who she truly is beyond her public persona. Through her honest and relatable answers, she encourages others to embrace their true selves and reminds us that nobody is immune to insecurities and struggles. Bella Thorne’s openness and authenticity serve as an inspiration to her legions of fans, reminding them to live life without regrets and to always stay true to themselves.

FAQs After The Conclusion

  1. Q: How did Bella Thorne come up with the idea for the game of Question or Confession?
    A: Bella Thorne wanted to connect with her fans in a fun and candid way, and the concept of playing a game where she could answer their questions and make confessions seemed like the perfect fit.

  2. Q: Has Bella Thorne always been open about her fears and struggles?
    A: While Bella Thorne has always been known for her candidness, she has become more comfortable sharing her vulnerabilities as she has grown older and more confident in herself and her career.

  3. Q: Does Bella Thorne have any upcoming projects?
    A: Yes, Bella Thorne has several upcoming projects, including new music releases and film projects. She continues to collaborate with artists from various industries and explore different creative avenues.

  4. Q: How has Bella Thorne’s openness about her identity affected her career?
    A: Bella Thorne’s decision to come out as pansexual and embrace her true self has been met with overwhelming support from her fans and the LGBTQ+ community. It has also allowed her to connect with a wider audience and inspire others to embrace their own identities.

  5. Q: What advice does Bella Thorne have for aspiring artists and individuals struggling with self-expression?
    A: Bella Thorne encourages aspiring artists and individuals to stay true to themselves, embrace their uniqueness, and not be afraid to take risks. She emphasizes the importance of finding one’s voice and expressing it authentically.

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