Carlacia Grant’s Ultimate Guide to Achieving a Sun-Kissed Glow | Beauty Secrets Revealed | Vogue

Welcome to our blog post, where we are excited to share with you Carlacia Grant’s Ultimate Guide to Achieving a Sun-Kissed Glow. As beauty enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the desire to radiate a natural, sun-kissed look that exudes vitality and confidence. Join us as we unveil the beauty secrets revealed by Carlacia Grant, a renowned expert in the field, and dive into the world of achieving that coveted sun-kissed glow.

Carlacia Grant’s Ultimate Guide to Achieving a Sun-Kissed Glow | Beauty Secrets Revealed | Vogue


Are you in search of the perfect sun-kissed glow? Look no further! Today, we have the privilege of sitting down with the stunning and talented Carlacia Grant from the hit show Outer Banks. Not only does she captivate us on-screen, but she also knows a thing or two about beauty and skincare. In this exclusive guide, Carlacia shares her secrets to achieving flawless, radiant skin and a golden bronze makeup look. So, grab your favorite beauty products and get ready to dive into Carlacia Grant’s ultimate beauty routine!

Best Friends with Your Skin

One thing that sets Carlacia Grant apart is her emphasis on becoming best friends with your skin. She believes that taking care of your skin should be a priority, and this mindset reflects in her glowing complexion. Carlacia advises us to listen to our skin’s needs and provide it with the love and care it deserves. As she knows, healthy skin is the foundation for any makeup look, and it all starts with a solid skincare routine.

The Skincare Routine

Carlacia begins her skincare routine by cleansing her face with African beauty rock soap. This natural soap not only cleanses the skin but also helps to exfoliate and remove impurities. She follows this with Thayers rose petal facial toner, which helps to balance the skin’s pH level and provide a refreshing sensation. Carlacia then reaches for Neutrogena Hydro Boost gel cream to provide intense hydration, helping to keep her skin plump and supple.

Beauty Products Used

  • African beauty rock soap
  • Thayers rose petal facial toner
  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost gel cream

Eye Care

We all know the importance of taking care of the delicate skin around our eyes. For Carlacia, her go-to product for this purpose is milk cooling water eye patches. These patches provide a cooling effect and reduce puffiness, leaving her eyes looking refreshed and awake. She also swears by the Lancôme hydrating mask, which provides intense hydration and nourishment to the under-eye area.

Sun Protection

When it comes to sun protection, Carlacia is a firm believer in using sunscreen. Her favorite sunscreen is the Black Girl Sunscreen moisturizing lotion SPF 30. Not only does it provide broad-spectrum protection, but it also keeps her skin moisturized throughout the day, preventing dryness and flakiness. Carlacia knows that protecting your skin from the sun is essential for maintaining a youthful, healthy complexion.

Achieving the Golden Bronze Makeup Look

To achieve her signature golden bronze makeup look, Carlacia relies on a few staple products. She loves the Fenty Beauty line for its wide range of shades and inclusive representation. Her go-to foundation is the Armani luminous silk foundation, which provides a flawless, dewy finish. To add warmth to her complexion, she reaches for the Pat McGrath bronzer, giving her that ultimate sun-kissed glow.

Representation and Gratitude

As an actress, Carlacia Grant is grateful for the representation she brings to the show Outer Banks. She acknowledges the positive response she has received from viewers who appreciate seeing someone who looks like them on screen. Carlacia’s confidence and beauty inspire us all to embrace our unique features and celebrate the skin we’re in.


In conclusion, Carlacia Grant’s ultimate guide to achieving a sun-kissed glow is a treasure trove of beauty secrets. From her skincare routine to her favorite makeup products, she shares it all. By becoming best friends with your skin, investing in quality skincare products, and embracing a golden bronze makeup look, you too can achieve that radiant glow. So, go ahead and incorporate these tips into your beauty routine, and get ready to shine like Carlacia!

FAQs After The Conclusion

  1. Q: What is Carlacia Grant’s go-to foundation?
    A: Carlacia’s go-to foundation is the Armani luminous silk foundation.

  2. Q: What sunscreen does Carlacia recommend?
    A: She recommends the Black Girl Sunscreen moisturizing lotion SPF 30.

  3. Q: Which product does Carlacia use for under-eye care?
    A: Carlacia uses milk cooling water eye patches for under-eye care.

  4. Q: What role does African beauty rock soap play in Carlacia’s routine?
    A: African beauty rock soap is essential in Carlacia’s cleansing routine as it helps to exfoliate and remove impurities.

  5. Q: What is Carlacia’s favorite bronzer for achieving a golden bronze look?
    A: Carlacia’s favorite bronzer for achieving a golden bronze look is the Pat McGrath bronzer.

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