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In this blog post, Chlöe’s complete beauty guide is brought to you, unveiling the secrets behind flawless eyebrows and sculpting skincare. Delve into the expertise of Vogue as they delve into Chlöe’s beauty secrets and uncover the techniques to achieve radiant skin and perfectly sculpted brows. Discover the power of skincare rituals and the artistry behind eyebrow maintenance as Chlöe reveals her professional tips, leaving you equipped with the knowledge to enhance your natural beauty.


In the world of beauty and skincare, everyone is always searching for the secrets to achieving flawless skin and eyebrows. Recently, 23-year-old singer Chlöe Bailey has mesmerized her fans with her beauty routine. In a video created by Vogue, Chlöe revealed her complete beauty guide, highlighting her sculpting skincare rituals and the secrets behind her flawless eyebrows. Let’s dive into Chlöe’s beauty secrets and discover the incredible products she uses to enhance her natural beauty.

Chlöe’s Beauty Routine

  1. Removing Residue:
    Chlöe begins her beauty routine by using Neutrogena Skin Balancing Micellar Cleansing Face Wipes. These gentle wipes effectively remove any residue or impurities from her skin, leaving it fresh and clean.

  2. Hydration Boost:
    To keep her skin hydrated, Chlöe incorporates Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Serum into her routine. This lightweight serum quickly absorbs into her skin, providing an instant surge of hydration and leaving her complexion plump and radiant.

  3. Sun Protection:
    Protecting her skin from harmful UV rays is vital for Chlöe. She ensures she’s shielded throughout the day by using Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense Face Mist SPF 50. This mist offers broad-spectrum protection and can be easily applied over makeup, making it a convenient choice for busy days.

  4. Under-Eye Care:
    Chlöe pays special attention to her under-eye area by using Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De-Tox Hydra-Gel Eye Patches. These soothing patches reduce puffiness, hydrate the delicate skin, and diminish the appearance of fine lines, leaving her looking refreshed and well-rested.

  5. Flawless Eyebrows:
    Chlöe’s eyebrows are always perfectly sculpted thanks to her go-to products. She fills them in using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow Pencil Waterproof Eyebrow Definer. These products allow for precise application and create natural-looking, defined brows.

  6. Makeup Essentials:
    For her makeup, Chlöe relies on Fenty Beauty products. She uses Fenty Beauty concealer to cover any imperfections, Fenty Beauty skin tint for a lightweight and natural-looking base, and Fenty Beauty contour and bronzer to add dimension to her face. To achieve a healthy flush, she applies Fenty Beauty blush, and for eyes, she opts for Fenty Beauty eyeliner and mascara. The finishing touch is added with Fenty Beauty highlighter, which gives her a beautiful, radiant glow.

  7. Perfect Lips:
    To exfoliate her lips and keep them smooth, Chlöe uses Dior Lip Sugar Scrub Sweet Exfoliating Lip Balm. She then adds a pop of color with Dior Addict Lip Glow Balm and completes her look with Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer for a glossy finish.

  8. Hair Care:
    Chlöe ensures her hair remains healthy and lustrous by applying Pattern Argan Oil Hair Serum. This nourishing serum adds shine and tames frizz, allowing her to achieve sleek and manageable hair.

  9. Snatched Face Look:
    To achieve a snatched face look, Chlöe uses the Sacheu Facial Roller. This tool massages her face, helping to reduce puffiness and promote lymphatic drainage for a more defined and contoured appearance.


Chlöe Bailey’s beauty routine is a testament to her dedication to self-care and her commitment to achieving flawless skin and eyebrows. Her use of effective skincare products and carefully selected makeup essentials allows her natural beauty to shine through. By following Chlöe’s beauty secrets, anyone can take steps towards achieving their own radiant and sculpted look.


  1. Are the products used by Chlöe Bailey suitable for all skin types?
    Chlöe’s beauty products cater to a range of skin types, but it’s always advisable to check the specific product details and consult with a dermatologist if you have any concerns.

  2. Can I use the Neutrogena face wipes as a substitute for a regular cleanser?
    The Neutrogena face wipes are effective at removing residue, but it’s recommended to use them as a quick cleansing solution and follow up with a proper cleanser for a thorough cleanse.

  3. How often should I use the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De-Tox Hydra-Gel Eye Patches?
    The frequency of using the eye patches may vary depending on individual needs. It’s best to follow the instructions on the packaging or consult with a skincare professional.

  4. Are the Fenty Beauty products suitable for all skin tones?
    Fenty Beauty is known for its inclusive range of shades, catering to diverse skin tones. They offer a wide selection of colors to suit various complexions.

  5. Can the Sacheu Facial Roller help reduce the appearance of fine lines?
    Facial rollers, like the Sacheu Facial Roller, can provide temporary relief and help with lymphatic drainage but may not produce long-term results for reducing fine lines. Incorporating a comprehensive skincare routine is essential for addressing signs of aging.

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