Debby Ryan’s Expert Tips for Depuffing Skincare and Day-to-Night Makeup | Beauty Secrets Revealed | Vogue

Debby Ryan, known for her stunning looks and flawless style, graciously shares her expert tips for achieving depuffing skincare and perfect day-to-night makeup in this exclusive guide. With years of experience in the beauty industry, she unveils her tried and tested secrets that will leave you looking refreshed and radiant. Prepare to be inspired as Debby takes you on a beauty journey, revealing her expert knowledge and insider tips that will take your skincare and makeup routine to the next level. So sit back, relax, and get ready to unveil the ultimate beauty secrets, as exclusively revealed by Debby Ryan herself.

Debby Ryan’s Expert Tips for Depuffing Skincare and Day-to-Night Makeup | Beauty Secrets Revealed | Vogue


In a recent video released by Vogue, the talented actress Debby Ryan opens up about her beauty secrets and shares her go-to skincare and makeup routine. Known for her flawless complexion and stunning makeup looks, Debby takes us through her favorite products and techniques to achieve a depuffed and radiant look. Filmed at the luxurious Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, this video offers a glimpse into Debby’s beauty routine that keeps her looking camera-ready at all times.

Debby’s Skincare Routine

  • Hydro-stars acne patches: Debby starts her skincare routine by targeting any blemishes with hydro-stars acne patches. These patches help reduce redness and inflammation, allowing for a smoother canvas for makeup application.

  • Cleansing complex: To cleanse her face thoroughly, Debby uses a cleansing complex that effectively removes impurities and nourishes the skin. This step ensures that her skin is clean and ready for the next skincare products.

  • Glycolic acid serum: Next, Debby applies a glycolic acid serum to exfoliate and brighten her skin. This serum helps with cell turnover, improving the texture and tone of her complexion.

  • SolaWave wand: An essential tool in Debby’s skincare routine is the SolaWave wand. This device combines red light therapy and microcurrent technology to reduce puffiness, diminish fine lines, and improve overall skin health.

  • Dream eye cream: Debby’s delicate under-eye area deserves some extra attention. She uses a dream eye cream that hydrates and reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, leaving her looking refreshed and well-rested.

Debby’s Makeup Routine

  • Tatcha Water Cream: To achieve a hydrated and luminous base for makeup, Debby swears by the Tatcha Water Cream. This lightweight moisturizer provides the perfect canvas for her foundation and helps maintain a natural glow throughout the day.

  • Nutrient day cream with SPF: Sun protection is a must for Debby. She applies a nutrient day cream with SPF to shield her skin from harmful UV rays while providing essential hydration and nourishment.

  • Spiking glue: For her eyebrow game, Debby uses a spiking glue to create feathery and natural-looking brows. This product keeps her brows in place all day without feeling stiff or unnatural.

  • Foundation: Debby opts for a medium coverage foundation that enhances her complexion while still allowing her natural beauty to shine through. She blends it seamlessly using a damp beauty sponge for a flawless finish.

  • Mascara: To accentuate her lashes, Debby makes sure to coat them with her favorite mascara. The right mascara can instantly give the illusion of longer and fuller lashes, completing her eye makeup look.

  • Multi-balm: In her video, Debby shares her love for a multi-balm that works as both a lip balm and a sheer blush. This versatile product adds a hint of color and moisture to her lips and cheeks, giving her a youthful and fresh appearance.

  • Eyeliner: Debby’s signature winged eyeliner is achieved with a precise liquid eyeliner pen. This eyeliner adds definition to her eyes and completes her classic makeup look.

  • Face and under-eye concealer: To conceal any imperfections, Debby relies on a high-coverage concealer that seamlessly blends into her skin. This step helps to even out her complexion and gives her a flawless finish.

Debby’s Must-Have Beauty Products

  • Highlight stick: Highlighting is an essential step in Debby’s routine to achieve a luminous and radiant complexion. She uses a highlight stick to add a subtle glow to the high points of her face, creating an ethereal and radiant finish.

  • Lip definer: To perfect her pout, Debby uses a lip definer that matches her natural lip shade. This step helps define and shape her lips, making them appear fuller and more defined.

  • Lash adhesive: False lashes are a go-to for Debby when she wants to amp up her look. She uses a reliable lash adhesive that keeps her falsies in place all day and night without any worries.

  • Hairpin set: Completing her beauty routine, Debby shares her love for a hairpin set that adds a touch of elegance to her hairstyles. These hairpins secure her hair in place while adding a stylish and sophisticated element to her look.


Debby Ryan’s beauty secrets revealed in Vogue’s video provide valuable insights into achieving depuffed skincare and a stunning day-to-night makeup look. From her skincare routine utilizing acne patches and glycolic acid serum to her go-to makeup favorites like foundation and mascara, Debby’s expert tips offer inspiration for anyone looking to enhance their own beauty routine. With the luxurious backdrop of The Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, Debby’s beauty secrets are within reach for those who aspire to achieve a flawless and radiant appearance.


  1. What are hydro-stars acne patches?
    Hydro-stars acne patches are small adhesive patches that are applied directly to blemishes. They work by absorbing excess oil and reducing redness and inflammation.

  2. How does the SolaWave wand work?
    The SolaWave wand utilizes red light therapy and microcurrent technology. The red light helps stimulate collagen production and reduce inflammation, while the microcurrents improve muscle tone and enhance product absorption.

  3. Why is SPF important in a day cream?
    SPF, or sun protection factor, shields the skin from harmful UV rays that can cause premature aging, sunburn, and even skin cancer. Incorporating SPF into your day cream is crucial for maintaining healthy and protected skin.

  4. How does a multi-balm work as a lip balm and blush?
    A multi-balm is a versatile product that can be used as both a lip balm and a sheer blush. Its moisturizing formula provides hydration to the lips, while the blendable texture allows for a natural flush of color on the cheeks.

  5. What is the purpose of a lash adhesive?
    A lash adhesive is used to secure false eyelashes in place. It ensures that the lashes stay put throughout the day or night without any fear of them coming loose.

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