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In this blog post, readers will delve into the beauty secrets of the renowned French It Girl, Soko. With her expertise in makeup, she unveils a clever trick for achieving the perfect moody eyeshadow look. Join us as we uncover her unique approach to eyeshadow application, as shared exclusively with Vogue.


In the world of makeup, there are endless possibilities to create unique and stunning looks. French musician, actress, and designer, Soko, takes her makeup game to the next level by using an unconventional technique for achieving the perfect moody eyeshadow. In a video by Vogue, Soko shares her makeup secret that involves using MAC’s lip liner in Brick as her go-to shade for red eyeshadow. This article dives deep into Soko’s expert trick, exploring the inspiration behind her look, her preferred products, and the overall impact of her makeup style.

Soko’s Makeup Trick: Using MAC’s Lip Liner in Brick as Red Eyeshadow

Soko’s makeup trick is the focal point of the video created by Vogue. In the visual masterpiece, Soko showcases her innovative technique of using MAC’s lip liner in Brick as eyeshadow. She mentions that her red eye makeup was inspired by the movie “Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains,” highlighting the creative influence that films can have on one’s beauty choices.

To achieve the desired effect, Soko wanted her skin to be very light, complementing the dramatic and moody nature of her eyeshadow. By opting for a lighter complexion, she ensures that her eye makeup becomes the main attraction, making a bold statement.

Soko’s preference for MAC’s lip pencil over typical eyeshadows is rooted in its unique consistency. She finds the lip pencil too dry for her lips, but perfect for creating a smudged and edgy look on her eyes. Soko skillfully smudges the lip pencil on her eyelids, blending it out to create a seamless and captivating effect.

“Beauty Secrets” by Vogue: Showcasing Soko’s Skill and Unique Style

The video featuring Soko’s makeup trick is part of Vogue’s “Beauty Secrets” series. Vogue, a fashion authority, is known for its comprehensive coverage of trends, beauty, and celebrity style. By featuring Soko and her unconventional makeup technique, Vogue reaffirms its commitment to bringing forth innovative ideas and showcasing the talents of influential individuals in the industry.

Through the lens of the camera, viewers are treated to a glimpse of Soko’s remarkable makeup skills and her distinctive style. The video captures her artistic process, from the initial application of product to the final result. It is clear that Soko possesses a deep understanding of color theory and is able to effortlessly combine different shades to create a mesmerizing and moody eyeshadow look.

The overall impact of Soko’s makeup trick is undeniably powerful. Her choice to use MAC’s lip liner as eyeshadow opens up a new realm of possibilities for beauty enthusiasts and encourages them to think outside the box. Soko’s unique style and creative approach to makeup serve as an inspiration for those looking to experiment and push boundaries in their own beauty routines.


  1. How did Soko come up with the idea of using lip liner as eyeshadow?

    • Soko’s idea of using lip liner as eyeshadow was inspired by the movie “Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains.” The dramatic and moody eye makeup in the film sparked her creativity and led her to experiment with MAC’s lip liner in Brick.
  2. Why did Soko want her skin to be very light for her red eyeshadow look?

    • Soko wanted her skin to be light to ensure that her red eyeshadow became the focal point of her makeup. By opting for a lighter complexion, she created a contrast that accentuated the moody and dramatic nature of her eyeshadow.
  3. Is MAC’s lip pencil too dry to be used on the lips?

    • Yes, Soko finds MAC’s lip pencil to be too dry for her lips. However, she discovered that the drier texture is perfect for smudging and blending on her eyelids, creating a unique and edgy look.
  4. What video series does Soko’s makeup trick appear in?

    • Soko’s makeup trick is featured in Vogue’s “Beauty Secrets” series. This series highlights the beauty routines and secrets of influential individuals in the fashion and entertainment industry.
  5. What impact does Soko’s makeup trick have on the beauty community?

    • Soko’s makeup trick encourages individuals to think outside the traditional realm of makeup. Her innovative technique of using lip liner as eyeshadow inspires beauty enthusiasts to experiment and explore new possibilities in their own beauty routines.

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