Exploring Lionel Messi’s Real Estate Portfolio in 2022

As I delve into the captivating world of real estate, I find myself drawn to the astonishing portfolio owned by none other than the legendary Lionel Messi. In this blog post, I will take you on a remarkable journey through the intricate details of Messi’s latest real estate ventures in 2022. Join me as we explore the luxurious properties, stunning architectural designs, and exclusive locations that make up the phenomenal empire crafted by the one and only Messi. Come, let us uncover the hidden gems within this remarkable real estate portfolio together.


In this article, I will be taking you on a virtual tour of the luxurious real estate portfolio owned by the legendary football player Lionel Messi in 2022. From breathtaking mansions to opulent apartments, Messi’s properties showcase his taste for luxury and his desire for privacy. Join me as we delve into the details of Messi’s stunning homes and get a glimpse of the lifestyle he enjoys off the pitch.

Messi’s House in the Belamar District, Barcelona

Messi’s first stop on our real estate journey is his house in the Belamar district near Barcelona. Situated within a luxury condominium, this mansion boasts an imposing white facade that exudes elegance. The property is meticulously designed to offer utmost privacy, allowing Messi and his family to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Inside the house, Messi has shared intimate moments on social media, especially with his children. The interior is adorned with comfortable and cozy furnishings, providing the perfect setting for Messi to unwind after grueling training sessions. The mansion truly reflects Messi’s preference for both style and relaxation.

Outdoor Delights: A Football Pitch for Messi’s Son

As we explore Messi’s real estate portfolio, it’s time to step outside and discover the outdoor amenities of his properties. In his house in the Belamar district, there is a football pitch where Messi’s son took his first steps in the world of football. This personal touch adds a sentimental value to the property and showcases the strong connection Messi has with the game.

Porsche Design Tower Condominium: Luxury and Cars Combined

Moving on to Miami, Messi’s next gem is an apartment in the prestigious Porsche Design Tower condominium. This property perfectly combines Messi’s love for luxury cars and the beach. With stunning views of the sea and an exclusive car lift that takes residents directly to their units, the Porsche Design Tower is a breathtaking architectural marvel.

Messi’s duplex property in the tower spans approximately 3,229.17 square feet, offering ample space for him and his family. This stylish and modern apartment is a testament to Messi’s sophisticated taste and his penchant for refined living.

Hegelia Condominium: Beachfront Bliss

Continuing our exploration of Messi’s real estate portfolio in Florida, we arrive at the Hegelia Condominium. Situated on the beautiful beaches of Florida, this property offers panoramic views of the ocean and a serene atmosphere. The apartment features a light-tone decor that complements the breathtaking surroundings.

With approximately 5,489.59 square feet of living space, Messi’s apartment in the Hegelia Condominium is a spacious haven of luxury. It boasts five luxurious bedrooms, modern bathrooms, a state-of-the-art cuisine, and even a wine cellar capable of housing over 1,000 bottles. This property truly epitomizes Messi’s penchant for extravagance.

Messi’s Real Estate Investments: A Glimpse into the Numbers

To put Messi’s real estate portfolio into perspective, let’s take a glimpse into the financial side of his investments. His apartment in the Porsche Design Tower involved an investment of around $5 million, showcasing his commitment to acquiring top-tier properties.

Moving to the Hegelia Condominium, Messi’s beachfront apartment carries a price tag of approximately $7.3 million. It’s evident that Messi doesn’t shy away from making substantial investments in properties that align with his vision of luxury and exclusivity.


Lionel Messi’s real estate portfolio in 2022 is an impressive collection of opulent properties that reflect his taste for luxury, privacy, and comfort. From his house in the Belamar district of Barcelona to his apartments in the Porsche Design Tower and the Hegelia Condominium, each property exudes elegance and extravagance.

As we have embarked on this virtual tour, we have seen the meticulous attention to detail in each of Messi’s properties, showcasing his desire for sophistication and relaxation. It’s clear that Messi’s success on the pitch is matched by his discerning eye for remarkable real estate investments.

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