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I am thrilled to share with you how I get party-ready with Karen Elson’s Manhattan makeup secrets. As a beauty enthusiast, I have always been captivated by the stunning looks showcased in Vogue. In this blog post, I will take you through the step-by-step process of achieving that glamourous Manhattan-inspired makeup look that will turn heads at any party. Join me as I delve into the world of beauty tips and tricks from the incomparable Karen Elson, with a touch of Vogue’s expertise. Get ready to shine with me as we explore Karen Elson’s Manhattan makeup secrets!

Introduction: Enter the Glamorous World of Karen Elson

Hello, fabulous readers! I’m thrilled to take you on a beauty journey with none other than the stunning Karen Elson. As a master of makeup, Karen Elson has wowed the fashion world with her enchanting looks and impeccable style. Today, I’ll be sharing her top beauty tips as she prepares for a night out in the mesmerizing streets of Manhattan. So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the world of glitz and glamour!

H1: I am Karen Elson, a Master of Makeup

As we step into Karen Elson’s world, it’s important to understand her journey. Karen Elson, a renowned supermodel and musician, has graced numerous magazine covers and catwalks with her ethereal beauty and elegance. Known for her captivating features and unique sense of style, Karen has become an icon in the fashion industry.

H2: I am Preparing for a Night Out in Manhattan

Imagine the twinkling lights of Manhattan casting a magical glow on the streets below. Now picture Karen Elson getting ready to conquer the city with her flawless makeup. Let’s delve into her beauty secrets and learn how she achieves that ravishing look for a night out.

H3: I Start with a Long Rose-Scented Bath

Karen Elson believes in starting her beauty routine on a relaxing note. She indulges in a long, luxurious rose-scented bath to unwind and prepare herself for the night ahead. This not only nourishes her skin but also sets the mood for an enchanting evening.

H3: I Use a Shimmering Body Oil for Pale Skin Perfection

To achieve that radiant glow, Karen turns to a shimmering body oil specially formulated for her fair complexion. This magical elixir effortlessly enhances her natural beauty, leaving her skin luminous and flawless. With just a few drops, Karen achieves the perfect canvas for her makeup masterpiece.

H3: I Film at The Bowery Hotel in NYC

Now, let’s turn the spotlight to Karen Elson’s favorite location in Manhattan for a photoshoot – The Bowery Hotel. Nestled in the heart of NYC, this iconic hotel serves as the perfect backdrop for Karen’s breathtaking looks. The combination of opulence and urban charm sets the stage for unforgettable moments captured on film.

H3: I Always Start with a Light Brown Eyeshadow Base

When it comes to her captivating eyes, Karen Elson knows exactly how to make them pop. She starts by applying a light brown eyeshadow base, which acts as the building block for her mesmerizing eye makeup. This versatile shade adds depth and warmth, accentuating her eye color in the most captivating way.

H3: I Use Ashy-Colored Eyeliner and Brown Mascara to Make My Eyes Pop

To further enhance her eyes, Karen reaches for an ashy-colored eyeliner and a rich brown mascara. This striking combination adds intensity and drama to her gaze, instantly drawing attention to her captivating eyes. With every flutter, she leaves a trail of mesmerized admirers in her wake.

H3: I Apply Lip Balm before Doing My Lips for a Smudged Look

For her lips, Karen Elson embraces a slightly undone approach. She starts by applying a nourishing lip balm to ensure her lips stay hydrated throughout the night. This step not only primes her lips but also helps achieve a smudged, effortlessly cool look that’s both sultry and inviting.

H3: I Add Sparkle to the Corner of My Eyes to Whiten Them

To add a touch of enchantment to her look, Karen incorporates a subtle sparkle in the corners of her eyes. This little trick instantly brightens and widens her eyes, giving her a fresh and youthful appearance. With this simple yet effective technique, Karen ensures her eyes truly shine like diamonds.

H3: I Use Products like Blow Drying Spray and Body Cream for My Hair and Skin

Karen Elson understands the importance of hair and skin care in achieving a flawless look. Prior to styling her luscious locks, she uses a blow drying spray to protect her hair from heat damage and to ensure a smooth and glossy finish. Additionally, she applies a nourishing body cream to keep her skin hydrated and glowing throughout the night.


As we bid farewell to Karen Elson and her unparalleled beauty secrets, we can’t help but feel inspired to unleash our inner glam goddesses. From her bath rituals to her mesmerizing eye makeup techniques, Karen continues to captivate us with her unparalleled style. So, the next time you’re preparing for a night out in Manhattan, channel your inner Karen Elson and let your beauty shine through!


  1. Q: How does Karen Elson achieve her signature glowing skin?
    A: Karen achieves her radiant glow by using a shimmering body oil formulated for her pale complexion.

  2. Q: What is Karen Elson’s go-to location for photoshoots in Manhattan?
    A: The Bowery Hotel serves as Karen Elson’s favorite backdrop to capture her captivating looks.

  3. Q: How does Karen make her eyes stand out?
    A: Karen starts with a light brown eyeshadow base and uses ashy-colored eyeliner and brown mascara to create intensity and drama.

  4. Q: What is Karen Elson’s secret to achieving a smudged lip look?
    A: Karen applies lip balm before doing her lips to achieve a smudged, effortlessly cool look.

  5. Q: How does Karen make her eyes appear brighter?
    A: Karen adds a touch of sparkle to the corners of her eyes to brighten and widen her gaze, creating a fresh and youthful appearance.

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