Hailey Bieber’s 5-Step Guide to Achieving a California Glow: Beauty Secrets Revealed by Vogue

In her highly anticipated guide, Hailey Bieber unveils her coveted 5-step regimen for attaining the radiant California glow. As revealed exclusively by Vogue, Hailey shares her most treasured beauty secrets, offering a glimpse into her flawless skincare routine. Prepare to immerse yourself in the world of Hailey Bieber’s expert tips and tricks, as she generously unveils the pathway to achieving that iconic California glow. Embark on this journey with her and unlock the key to luminous, healthy skin. Let Hailey be your guiding light in the pursuit of a truly awe-inspiring radiance.

Hailey Bieber’s 5-Step Guide to Achieving a California Glow: Beauty Secrets Revealed by Vogue


In the world of beauty and glamour, Hailey Bieber is undeniably a trendsetter. The supermodel, known for her flawless complexion and radiant glow, recently sat down with Vogue to share her secrets for achieving that coveted California glow. From skincare to makeup, Hailey spilled the beans on her go-to products and techniques to help you achieve a sun-kissed and dewy look. Get ready to take notes as we delve into Hailey Bieber’s 5-step guide to achieving a California glow!

Step 1: Creating a Fresh Base

To achieve a luminous base, Hailey swears by Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops. These drops work wonders in giving her skin a fresh and radiant appearance. By applying a few drops before foundation, Hailey ensures that her complexion looks dewy and glowing all day long.

Step 2: Bronzed Look with Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate

For that perfect bronzed look, Hailey turns to Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate. This versatile duo not only contours her face but also adds a sun-kissed glow. The creamy formula blends seamlessly into her skin, resulting in a natural and radiant finish. Hailey emphasizes the importance of using the right shades for your skin tone to achieve a flawless bronzed look.

Step 3: Sun-kissed Cheeks with Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer

To give her cheeks that sun-kissed glow, Hailey reaches for Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer. This lightweight liquid highlighter adds a subtle shimmer to her cheekbones, creating a youthful and healthy glow. Hailey recommends applying the product with a light hand for a natural and effortless look.

Step 4: Highlighting the Nose with Tom Ford Palette

Hailey’s secret to a well-defined and glowing nose lies in the Tom Ford palette. She uses the highlighting shade to accentuate the bridge of her nose, giving it a subtle luminosity. By focusing on this area, Hailey achieves a radiant and sculpted look without going overboard.

Step 5: Controlling Oil with Armani Face Powder

To keep shine at bay, Hailey relies on the Armani face powder. This lightweight and translucent powder not only sets her makeup but also controls oil throughout the day. The result is a matte yet radiant finish that lasts all day long. Hailey recommends lightly dusting the powder over her T-zone to prevent any unwanted shine.

Hailey’s Go-To Essentials: Mascara and Lip Balm

Apart from the California glow routine, Hailey also shared her go-to essentials. Mascara and lip balm are must-haves in her beauty arsenal. A swipe of mascara instantly opens up her eyes, making them appear bright and awake. Meanwhile, lip balm keeps her lips moisturized and nourished throughout the day. These simple products offer an effortless and natural beauty boost.

Laura Mercier for a Glowing Finish

To complete her radiant look, Hailey uses Laura Mercier for a glowing finish. She applies this illuminating powder all over her face for a luminous complexion that catches the light beautifully. This finishing touch ensures that her skin looks flawless and glowing from every angle.

Sisley Lip Color as a Final Touch

For the finishing touch, Hailey embraces the power of a beautiful lip color. She opts for Sisley lip color as it adds a pop of color and completes her overall look. Whether it’s a bold red or a natural nude, a swipe of her preferred lip color adds a touch of glamour and pulls her entire California glow look together.


Hailey Bieber’s 5-step guide to achieving a California glow is a treasure trove of beauty secrets. From skincare to makeup, Hailey has shared her trusted products and techniques to help you achieve a radiant and sun-kissed look. By incorporating these tips into your routine, you too can embrace that effortless California glow that everyone admires. So, go ahead and take a cue from Hailey’s beauty playbook to achieve a luminous and youthful complexion that will turn heads wherever you go.

Unique FAQs After The Conclusion

  1. Q: What are some of the products that Hailey Bieber uses to achieve a California glow?
    A: Hailey swears by Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops, Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate, Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer, Tom Ford palette, Armani face powder, Laura Mercier illuminating powder, and Sisley lip color.

  2. Q: Why does Hailey emphasize the importance of using the right shades for a bronzed look?
    A: Hailey believes that using the right shades for your skin tone is essential to achieve a flawless and natural bronzed look that suits you.

  3. Q: How does Hailey ensure that her complexion looks fresh and dewy all day long?
    A: Hailey applies Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops before her foundation to create a fresh and radiant base that lasts throughout the day.

  4. Q: What is Hailey’s trick for controlling oil throughout the day?
    A: Hailey uses Armani face powder to set her makeup and control oil, focusing on her T-zone to prevent shine.

  5. Q: Why does Hailey consider mascara and lip balm as her go-to essentials?
    A: Hailey believes that mascara opens up her eyes and lip balm keeps her lips moisturized, offering an effortless and natural beauty boost.

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