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Are you ready for an unforgettable night out? Look no further than Hari Nef’s ultimate 10-step beauty routine. In this exclusive guide, we invite you to unveil the beauty secrets that will help you achieve an impeccable look, inspired by the stunning Hari Nef herself. From prepping your skin to enhancing your features, these step-by-step tips will leave you feeling and looking like a Vogue cover star. So, get ready to turn heads and make a lasting impression with Hari Nef’s expert advice. It’s time to discover the secrets to an impeccable night out, all at your fingertips.

Hari Nef’s Ultimate 10-Step Beauty Routine for an Impeccable Night Out


Are you ready to rock the night and turn heads everywhere you go? Well, you’re in for a treat. We have the exclusive beauty secrets of none other than Hari Nef, the renowned activist, actress, and model. Get ready to learn how Hari takes her glam game to the next level with her 10-step beauty routine for a flawless night out in the vibrant city of New York. So grab your brushes and let’s dive into Hari Nef’s secrets to unveiling your inner beauty!

Step 1: Get the Perfect Base

To start her beauty routine, Hari Nef swears by Gucci face concealer. With a touch of luxury, she effortlessly applies the concealer using her fingers, almost like finger painting. By doing so, she achieves a natural and seamless finish that truly enhances her features.

Step 2: Set the Look

Once her base is perfected, Hari sets her makeup with the white NARS setting powder. This not only helps to prolong the wear of her makeup but also gives her a subtle and airbrushed appearance. The result is a flawless complexion that shines throughout the night.

Step 3: Eyes That Mesmerize

To create mesmerizing eyes, Hari turns to the Burberry smoke and sculpt pen. She loves to get innovative with this product, using it to effortlessly define and contour her eyes. Whether she’s going for a smokey look or a sharp cat-eye, this pen is her go-to tool.

Step 4: Building the Amaretto Effect

For a sultry and enchanting look, Hari reaches for the Gucci eyeshadow palette in Amaretto. To achieve a gradual gradient effect, she starts by applying the eyeshadow from the center of her eyelids and gradually builds it outwards. This technique truly accentuates her eyes and adds depth to her overall look.

Step 5: Lashing Out

To complete her mesmerizing eyes, Hari knows the importance of perfect lashes. Before applying mascara, she primes her lashes to ensure maximum volume and length. Her favorite mascara for this step is the L’Oreal Voluminous mascara, which adds just the right amount of drama without clumps.

Step 6: A Touch of Blush

While Hari loves a glamorous look, she knows the importance of a subtle touch when it comes to blush. She carefully applies a hint of blush to her cheeks, focusing on the apples, to add a natural flush that complements her overall makeup.

Step 7: Gloss It Up

When it comes to her lips, Hari opts for the Mac lip gloss. Not only does it give her lips a luscious shine, but it also adds a playful touch with a Boston accent. This finishing step completes her look and adds a touch of glamour that truly stands out in any crowd.

Step 8: Fragrance That Captivates

No beauty routine is complete without the perfect fragrance, and Hari Nef knows exactly which one to choose. Her favorite scent for a night out is the Gucci Blue fragrance. Its captivating notes leave a lasting impression and truly embody the spirit of a night filled with possibilities.


With Hari Nef’s ultimate 10-step beauty routine, you can now unveil your own inner beauty and conquer the night. From the flawless base to mesmerizing eyes and captivating fragrance, each step is designed to enhance your features and make you feel like the star you are. So go ahead, embrace your uniqueness, and let your beauty shine through!


  1. Q: Which concealer does Hari Nef use for her beauty routine?
    A: Hari Nef uses the Gucci face concealer for a flawless base.

  2. Q: How does Hari set her makeup for a subtle look?
    A: Hari sets her makeup using the white NARS setting powder.

  3. Q: What product does Hari use for defining her eyes?
    A: Hari uses the Burberry smoke and sculpt pen to define her eyes.

  4. Q: Which eyeshadow palette does Hari prefer for a sultry effect?
    A: Hari reaches for the Gucci eyeshadow palette in Amaretto to achieve a sultry and enchanting look.

  5. Q: What is Hari’s go-to mascara for perfect lashes?
    A: Hari’s go-to mascara is the L’Oreal Voluminous mascara, which adds volume and length to her lashes.

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