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I am thrilled to share with you my exclusive insider tips on how I, Victoria’s Secret Angel Jasmine Tookes, have mastered the art of radiant skin. In this blog post, I will reveal my personal skincare routine and the secrets behind achieving that coveted glow that we all desire. Join me as we delve into the world of beauty and discover the steps I take to maintain my flawless complexion. Get ready to embrace your own natural beauty and unlock the key to radiant skin, just like a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Let’s dive in!


Hey there, folks! Today I’m gonna share with you the fabulous video by Vogue where the stunning Victoria’s Secret Angel, Jasmine Tookes, spills the beans on how she achieves her enviable radiant skin. Strap yourselves in for some serious beauty inspiration, as we delve into the realm of glowing makeup looks and skincare secrets.

Heading 1: I am Jasmine Tookes and I will show you how I do my glowing makeup look

As we sit back and enjoy this captivating video, Jasmine Tookes introduces herself with her signature grace and charm. She invites us to join her on a mesmerizing journey into her beauty routine, giving us a glimpse of the steps she takes to achieve that radiant skin we all yearn for.

Sub-heading 1: I start with base oils and then use a sponge for application

Jasmine reveals her first secret to achieving glowing skin – base oils. She exclaims enthusiastically that these little wonders work wonders for creating a perfect canvas for makeup application. With a smile, she artfully applies the base oils using a sponge, blending them flawlessly into her skin to achieve a flawless and natural look.

Sub-heading 2: I love using the makeup palettes from Mac because they have everything for darker skin tones

As our radiant guide navigates us through her makeup journey, she lets us in on another one of her go-to staples: the makeup palettes from Mac. Jasmine passionately explains how these palettes cater specifically to darker skin tones, offering a wide range of shades that beautifully complement her complexion. She praises the brand for its inclusivity and commitment to diversity.

Sub-heading 3: I would want to be a makeup artist if I wasn’t a model

In a moment of reflection, Jasmine shares a heartfelt revelation. She admits that if she hadn’t pursued a career in modeling, she would have loved to become a makeup artist. Her passion for makeup shines through as she effortlessly navigates the intricacies of her beauty routine. It’s clear that this skill is not just a job requirement for her; it’s a genuine passion.

Sub-heading 4: I use the Armani fluid for a glowing cheek look

Moving on to the next step, Jasmine takes us deeper into her radiant journey by revealing her secret for achieving those gorgeous glowing cheeks. She excitedly shares her love for the Armani fluid, a product that has become her go-to for achieving that sought-after luminosity. With a few expert strokes, she maps out the perfect cheekbone highlights, leaving us awestruck.

Sub-heading 5: Mac prep and prime helps set everything

As Jasmine meticulously creates her flawless complexion, she divulges yet another insider tip – the Mac prep and prime. This product, she explains, is an essential part of her routine, ensuring that her makeup stays put throughout the day. With a few sprays, she effortlessly sets her radiant look, leaving us desperately yearning for the same magic potion.

Sub-heading 6: I use Revlon eyeshadow for glowy eyes

Moving onto the eyes, Jasmine unveils her secret weapon – Revlon eyeshadow. Her excitement is palpable as she discusses the divine range of shades and their ability to enhance the natural beauty of her eyes. With an expert hand, she demonstrates how a touch of perfectly applied eyeshadow can transform the eyes, adding a touch of irresistible allure to her radiant look.

Sub-heading 7: I only apply mascara on the top lashes to avoid smudging

Share on the secret for those dreamy lashes, Jasmine enlightens us with her genius hack – she only applies mascara on the top lashes! With a thoughtfulness peculiar to her, she explains that this technique helps to avoid dreaded smudging and keeps her eyes looking fresh and ethereal throughout the day.

Sub-heading 8: I prefer using a skinny pencil for my brows for a more natural look

Jasmine graciously divulges her secret weapon for the perfectly-shaped brows we all envy – a skinny pencil! She charmingly explains that using a skinny pencil gives her more control over shaping her brows, helping her to achieve a more natural and groomed look. With expert precision, she expertly fills in her brows, leaving us in awe of her brow game.

Sub-heading 9: I finish with lip stain and gloss for extra glow

As we near the end of our radiant journey, Jasmine reveals her final touch for that extra sparkle – lip stain and gloss. With a genuine smile, she shares her love for this combination, which gives her lips a mesmerizing glow. A few swipes of the lip stain, followed by a dab of gloss, and voilà – her radiant look is complete.


And there you have it, my beauty enthusiasts! We’ve accompanied Jasmine Tookes on her journey to mastering the art of radiant skin. From base oils to Mac palettes, Armani fluid to Revlon eyeshadow, and not forgetting the essential Mac prep and prime, her radiant look leaves us truly inspired. Jasmine’s passion for makeup is evident in every step, and her glowing complexion is a testament to her expertise. So, let’s embark on our own radiant journey, armed with these insider tips and tricks, and embrace our own inner Victoria’s Secret Angel.


  1. What are the key products Jasmine Tookes uses for her glowing makeup look?
    Jasmine’s key products include base oils, Mac palettes, the Armani fluid for her cheeks, Revlon eyeshadow, Mac prep and prime, mascara only on the top lashes, a skinny pencil for brows, and lip stain and gloss for extra glow.

  2. Why does Jasmine only apply mascara on the top lashes?
    Jasmine applies mascara only on the top lashes to avoid smudging and maintain a fresh look throughout the day.

  3. What brand of makeup does Jasmine recommend for darker skin tones?
    Jasmine loves using the makeup palettes from Mac because they offer a wide range of shades catering specifically to darker skin tones.

  4. What would Jasmine’s career choice be if she wasn’t a model?
    Jasmine reveals that she would have loved to become a makeup artist if she hadn’t pursued a career in modeling.

  5. How does Jasmine achieve the perfect brows?
    To achieve the perfect brows, Jasmine prefers to use a skinny pencil, which gives her more control over shaping and allows for a more natural look.

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