Joan Smalls’ Expert Tips for Sculpting Flawless Skin: A Beauty Secrets Guide from Vogue

Welcome to our blog post where we share Joan Smalls’ expert tips for sculpting flawless skin. In this beauty secrets guide sourced from Vogue, we delve into the world of skincare, uncovering the techniques and products that Joan herself swears by. Join us as we explore her invaluable advice on achieving that coveted flawlessness and learn how you too can transform your skin into a work of art. Let’s dive in together and unlock the secrets to radiant and sculpted skin.

Joan Smalls’ Expert Tips for Sculpting Flawless Skin: A Beauty Secrets Guide from Vogue


When it comes to achieving flawless skin, supermodel Joan Smalls is undoubtedly a pro. With her radiant complexion and striking features, it’s no wonder she’s a sought-after beauty icon. Today, we have the pleasure of uncovering Joan Smalls’ secret beauty tips that she shared exclusively with Vogue. From her preference for filling in her own eyebrows to her love for the kitten eye, Smalls’ expertise will surely leave you inspired and ready to experiment with your own makeup routine.

Filling in Eyebrows: Creating the Perfect Frame

Joan Smalls divulges that she has been doing her eyebrows since the tender age of 13. She believes that properly groomed and filled eyebrows can create a significant impact on overall facial appearance. To achieve a full look, she begins by gently filling in her eyebrows with a shade that matches her natural hair color using short strokes. This step creates definition and a frame that complements the rest of her makeup.

Creating a Flawless Base: The Foundation

The next step in Joan Smalls’ beauty routine involves applying foundation. She opts for a sponge to ensure even distribution and a flawless base. Using a gentle dabbing motion, she smoothly blends the foundation onto her skin for a seamless finish. This technique not only covers imperfections but also provides a smooth canvas for the rest of her makeup.

The Kitten Eye: A Timeless Classic

One of Joan Smalls’ signature looks is the kitten eye. She reveals that it is her go-to technique for adding a touch of allure and femininity to her makeup. Using an eyeliner pencil, she delicately creates a thin, elongated line along her upper lash line. This enhances her eye shape and adds a subtle yet captivating effect.

Sealing the Look: Liquid Eyeliner for the Cat Eye

To achieve the iconic cat eye look, Joan Smalls employs liquid eyeliner. With a steady hand, she extends the line drawn with the eyeliner pencil, creating a winged effect. This step provides a sophisticated and bolder look, perfect for both day and night occasions. Smalls emphasizes that patience is key when attempting this technique and recommends taking it step by step for the best results.

Brightening the Skin: The Concealer

When it comes to concealing blemishes, Joan Smalls swears by a yellow-toned product. Yellow-toned concealers help to counteract the appearance of dark circles and brighten the skin. By applying the concealer under her eyes, she achieves a more refreshed and awake look. Smalls advises selecting a shade that is one or two tones lighter than your natural skin color for optimum results.

Contouring for a Natural Sculpted Look

To create a natural and sculpted effect, Joan Smalls utilizes contouring techniques. She contours her nose to achieve a more defined shape by applying a darker foundation along the sides and gently blending it out. This simple step enhances her facial features and adds dimension to her overall makeup look.

Accentuating the Cheekbones: The Cream Highlighter

For an ethereal glow, Joan Smalls uses a cream highlighter to highlight her cheekbones. Applying the product along the high points of her cheeks gives her a radiant and youthful appearance. The cream formula seamlessly melts into the skin, ensuring a natural and dewy finish.

Lashes that Captivate: The Curl and Mascara

Joan Smalls believes that curled lashes can instantly transform the eyes. She uses an eyelash curler to give her lashes a beautiful upward curl. Following this, she applies a generous coat of mascara, focusing on both the top and bottom lashes, for added drama and intensity. The result is a captivating frame that accentuates her eyes.

Setting the Makeup: The Final Touch

To ensure the longevity of her makeup, Joan Smalls finishes off her routine by setting it with powder. This step helps to mattify the skin and prevent any unwanted shine throughout the day. Additionally, she applies black eyeliner to her waterline to create a bright-eyed effect, making her eyes appear more awake and vibrant.


Joan Smalls’ beauty secrets are undeniably valuable and can greatly enhance your own makeup routine. From filling in your eyebrows to mastering the cat eye, her expert tips provide the roadmap for achieving flawless, sculpted skin. By following these simple yet effective techniques, you can elevate your makeup game and embrace your inner supermodel.


  1. Q: How long has Joan Smalls been doing her eyebrows?
    A: Joan Smalls has been doing her eyebrows since the age of 13.

  2. Q: What tool does Joan Smalls use to apply foundation?
    A: Joan Smalls prefers using a sponge to apply foundation for a flawless base.

  3. Q: How does Joan Smalls achieve a cat eye look?
    A: Joan Smalls achieves a cat eye look by using liquid eyeliner to create wings.

  4. Q: What does Joan Smalls use to brighten her under-eye area?
    A: Joan Smalls uses a yellow-toned concealer to brighten her under-eye area.

  5. Q: How does Joan Smalls achieve a natural sculpted look?
    A: Joan Smalls contours her nose and uses a darker foundation for a natural sculpted look.

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