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In Vogue’s latest feature, the spotlight is on Kerry Washington’s foolproof eyeliner and bold red lip guide. Delving into the world of beauty secrets, this article unveils the expert tips and tricks that empower both women and men to recreate Kerry Washington’s signature look effortlessly. With her renowned elegance and distinctive style, Kerry is not only a talented actress but also a trendsetter in the beauty industry. Join us as we explore the key techniques and products that contribute to her stunning eyeliner and bold red lip, unraveling the secrets behind her timeless beauty.


In a recent video published by Vogue, Kerry Washington, the talented actress known for her role in “Scandal,” shares her top beauty secrets. In this captivating and informative video, Kerry takes us through her hair care routine, skincare regimen, and reveals the products she relies on for her flawless makeup looks. Let’s dive into Kerry Washington’s foolproof eyeliner and bold red lip guide, where she unveils her beauty secrets.

Hair Care Routine with Homemade Scalp Tonic

Kerry Washington knows the importance of a healthy scalp, and she shares her hair care routine with Vogue viewers. To maintain a nourished scalp, Kerry uses a homemade scalp tonic, which she sprays using a pattern mist spray bottle. This tonic helps keep her scalp hydrated and promotes healthy hair growth.

Taking Care of the Skin

To achieve that radiant glow, Kerry emphasizes the significance of taking care of the skin. She starts her skincare routine with a gentle facial cleanser, allowing her skin to be free from impurities. Kerry also uses a cleansing mist to refresh her face throughout the day. As a strong advocate for sun protection, she incorporates a face serum with SPF into her routine to shield her skin from harmful UV rays.

Self-Care and Relaxation with Eye Masks

Kerry Washington understands the value of self-care and relaxation. As part of her beauty routine, she recommends using eye masks for revitalizing tired eyes and enhancing relaxation. These masks help reduce puffiness and dark circles, giving her a refreshed look.

Makeup Essentials: Neutrogena Products and Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

Neutrogena products hold a special place in Kerry’s makeup routine. She relies on the Hydro Boost Water Gel as her go-to moisturizer, ensuring her skin stays hydrated throughout the day. Additionally, Kerry incorporates the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup for a flawless complexion.

For well-defined eyebrows, Kerry trusts the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. This eyebrow pencil helps her achieve a natural and polished look for her brows.

Contouring, Highlighting, and the Bold Red Lip

To complete her makeup look, Kerry discusses the importance of contouring and highlighting. These techniques add depth and dimension to her face, giving her a sculpted appearance. And when it comes to rocking a bold red lip, Kerry loves the Mented red matte lipstick. It adds a touch of elegance and confidence to any look, making a bold statement.


Kerry Washington’s beauty secrets, unveiled in this Vogue video, offer a glimpse into her foolproof eyeliner and bold red lip guide. From her hair care routine to skincare regimen and makeup essentials, Kerry’s tips and product recommendations can inspire anyone looking to enhance their beauty routine. Incorporating her homemade scalp tonic, Neutrogena products, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, and her beloved Mented red matte lipstick can help achieve a polished and glamorous look.

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