Lessons on Directing: Insights from David Fincher by P.M. Lipscomb

I, P.M. Lipscomb, welcome you to my blog post where I share my insights on the fascinating world of directing. Today, I am thrilled to delve into the remarkable lessons we can learn from none other than the iconic David Fincher. Join me as we explore the invaluable wisdom and techniques that have made Fincher one of the most renowned directors of our time. Get ready to be inspired and gain a deeper understanding of the art of directing through the lens of this visionary master. Let’s dive in!

Lessons on Directing: Insights from David Fincher

By P.M. Lipscomb


As a filmmaker, I have passionately dedicated my life to creating award-winning movies since 2006. Having made three feature films and thirty-six shorts, which have been presented at various film festivals, I am excited to share with you some valuable insights I have gathered from one of the industry’s finest directors, David Fincher. In a recent Film Courage video interview, Fincher expressed his deep appreciation for screenwriters and their ability to create intricate scripts. In this article, I aim to delve into the lessons on directing we can learn from Fincher’s meticulous approach to filmmaking.

1. The Importance of Screenwriters

As a director, David Fincher understands the pivotal role screenwriters play in the filmmaking process. In the Film Courage interview, Fincher expressed awe towards screenwriters for their ability to craft intricate scripts that serve as the foundation for a successful film. He acknowledges that the collaboration between a director and screenwriter is essential in bringing the vision of the film to life.

2. Escape from Everyday Hardships

One of Fincher’s goals as a filmmaker is to provide the audience with an escape from their everyday hardships. He believes that the power of cinema lies in its ability to transport people into a different world, allowing them to momentarily forget their troubles. Fincher aims to create films that engage the audience emotionally and intellectually, offering them a much-needed respite from reality.

3. The Impact of Teaching

In addition to his successful career as a director, David Fincher has also shared his knowledge and expertise as a teacher. He has taught film editing at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, imparting his wisdom to aspiring filmmakers. This dedication to teaching demonstrates his commitment to nurturing the next generation of filmmakers and ensuring that the film industry continues to thrive.

4. Meticulous Filmmaking Approach

David Fincher is known for his meticulous approach to filmmaking. Every detail, from camera placement to execution, is carefully planned and executed to achieve the desired impact. His films stand out for their precise cinematography and storytelling techniques. This attention to detail allows Fincher to create visually stunning and emotionally engaging films that resonate with audiences.

5. Upcoming Projects

As a filmmaker, it is essential to keep pushing boundaries and exploring new genres. David Fincher’s upcoming feature film, “Bickle,” is a horror genre film, showcasing his versatility as a director. It is commendable that even after years of successful filmmaking, Fincher continues to challenge himself and take on new creative endeavors.


In conclusion, the insights we can gather from David Fincher’s approach to filmmaking are valuable lessons for aspiring directors. His deep appreciation for screenwriters, dedication to providing an escape for the audience, and meticulous approach to filmmaking set him apart as one of the industry’s finest directors. By embracing these lessons, filmmakers can strive to create powerful and engaging films that resonate with audiences. As Fincher continues to push boundaries with his upcoming projects, we eagerly anticipate the cinematic experiences he will bring to the screen.


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