Lily Aldridge Reveals Her Pregnancy Beauty Routine for Glowing Skin | Beauty Secrets

Are you curious about how Lily Aldridge maintains her radiant skin during pregnancy? Discover her exclusive beauty routine designed to enhance your natural glow. Join us as we delve into the beauty secrets of Lily Aldridge and learn valuable tips to nourish your skin during this beautiful journey.

Lily Aldridge Reveals Her Pregnancy Beauty Routine for Glowing Skin | Beauty Secrets


In her latest video uploaded on YouTube, renowned supermodel Lily Aldridge shares her personal pregnancy beauty routine to achieve that glowing and radiant skin. Being in the spotlight throughout her career, Lily understands the importance of taking care of her skin, especially during the life-changing journey of pregnancy. In this article, we will dive into the details of Lily’s routine, the products she uses, and her tips for maintaining healthy skin during pregnancy.

Pregnant and Glowing: Lily Aldridge’s Beauty Routine

Face Mask for the Third Trimester Belly

During the third trimester, Lily’s focus shifts towards providing nourishment and care to her growing belly. As part of her beauty routine, she applies a special face mask designed specifically for pregnant women. This helps in maintaining elasticity and hydration, ensuring that her belly remains soft and supple.

Depuffing Face Roller for Cheekbones

To combat any puffiness around her cheekbones, Lily incorporates the use of a depuffing face roller. This beauty tool helps to stimulate circulation, reduce any inflammation, and create a more defined look. By gently rolling the face roller over her cheekbones, she achieves a sculpted and refreshed appearance.

Defined Eyes through Contouring

Lily believes that a touch of contouring around the eyes can enhance definition and make them pop. Utilizing a combination of eyeshadow shades, she carefully contours her eyelids to create depth and accentuate her beautiful eyes. This technique adds an extra element of glamour to her overall look.

The Must-Have Products

Lily Aldridge’s beauty routine involves a variety of high-quality products that cater specifically to her needs during pregnancy. Some of the standout products she swears by include:

  1. Tuberose Candle: Lily adds an element of calming ambiance to her beauty routine with the soothing aroma of a Tuberose Candle.

  2. Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask: To combat any signs of fatigue or stress on her skin, Lily indulges in the Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask. This mask provides a burst of hydration and revitalization, instantly refreshing her complexion.

  3. Belly Mask: Catering specifically to her growing belly, Lily applies a nourishing belly mask to promote elasticity and hydration. This special treatment ensures her skin maintains its suppleness and resilience throughout her pregnancy.

  4. Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm: For a thorough and gentle cleanse, Lily relies on the Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm. This luxurious balm effectively removes impurities while leaving her skin feeling soft and moisturized.

  5. Soothing Moisturizer: Hydration is a key component of Lily’s beauty routine, and she achieves it with a soothing moisturizer. This lightweight formula replenishes her skin, leaving it smooth and supple.

Additional Must-Have Products

Apart from the main products mentioned above, Lily also recommends incorporating the following into your beauty routine:

  1. Lip Balm: To keep your lips hydrated and nourished, Lily suggests using a moisturizing lip balm regularly.

  2. Mama Stone: A versatile beauty tool, Mama Stone helps in lymphatic drainage and provides a gentle facial massage, promoting healthy blood flow and reducing puffiness.

  3. Un Cover-Up Concealer: To hide any imperfections or dark circles, Lily suggests using an Un Cover-Up Concealer. This product offers natural-looking coverage while being gentle on the skin.

  4. Noni Glow Face Oil: For an extra boost of hydration and a radiant glow, Lily incorporates the Noni Glow Face Oil into her routine. This lightweight oil instantly absorbs, leaving her skin luminous and nourished.

  5. Rodin x Vanessa Traina Lipstick: To complete her look, Lily applies the Rodin x Vanessa Traina Lipstick. This lipstick adds a touch of color and sophistication, enhancing her natural beauty.

Behind the Scenes: Filming at the Noelle in Nashville

The YouTube video showcasing Lily Aldridge’s pregnancy beauty routine was filmed at the elegant Noelle hotel in Nashville. The stunning location exudes a sense of tranquility, perfectly complementing Lily’s beauty routine and overall message of self-care.


Lily Aldridge’s pregnancy beauty routine allows her to maintain that coveted glow throughout her journey. By incorporating nourishing products and pampering herself with care, she ensures the health and radiance of her skin. Following her tips and incorporating these beauty secrets into your own routine can help you achieve that fresh, glowing complexion. Remember, taking care of your skin goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s about embracing self-care and feeling confident in your own skin.


  1. Q: Are the products mentioned in Lily Aldridge’s beauty routine safe to use during pregnancy?
    A: Yes, the products mentioned in Lily’s routine are safe for use during pregnancy. However, it’s always advisable to consult with your healthcare provider or dermatologist before incorporating any new products into your beauty routine.

  2. Q: Is it necessary to use belly masks during pregnancy?
    A: Belly masks are not a necessity but can provide extra nourishment and hydration to the skin on your belly, helping to minimize stretch marks and keep the skin soft and supple.

  3. Q: Can contouring be harmful during pregnancy?
    A: Contouring techniques used around the eyes and face are generally safe during pregnancy. However, it’s important to be cautious and use products that are free from harmful chemicals.

  4. Q: Where can I purchase the products mentioned in Lily Aldridge’s beauty routine?
    A: Many of the products recommended by Lily can be found at high-end beauty stores, department stores, or online beauty retailers.

  5. Q: Can I adapt Lily Aldridge’s beauty routine if I’m not pregnant?
    A: Absolutely! Lily’s beauty routine focuses on nourishing and caring for the skin, which can be beneficial for anyone looking to enhance their skincare regime regardless of pregnancy.

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