Marc Jacobs’s Daily Routine: Unveiling a Bold Red Lip | Beauty Secrets Revealed

Marc Jacobs, the renowned fashion designer, unveils a daily routine that centers around an iconic beauty secret – a bold red lip. With an unwavering commitment to style and self-expression, Marc Jacobs effortlessly integrates this statement look into his everyday life. Discover the personal rituals and insights that allow him to embrace the power of a bold red lip, as Marc Jacobs candidly shares his beauty secrets. Join him on a journey where makeup becomes more than just a cosmetic application but a symbol of confidence, sophistication, and timeless glamour. Explore the magic of Marc Jacobs’s daily routine, where his dedication to embracing the allure of a bold red lip shines through.

Marc Jacobs’s Daily Routine: Unveiling a Bold Red Lip | Beauty Secrets Revealed


In this captivating video created by Vogue, renowned fashion designer Marc Jacobs takes us through his hectic daily routine and unveils his beauty secrets. With his signature style and flair, Marc shares how he incorporates skincare, makeup, and fashion to express his unique self and create stunning looks. Follow along as we delve into the details of Marc’s routine and discover the products he swears by.

Marc Jacobs’s Busy Day Routine

Early Morning Rise

  • Marc Jacobs kicks off his day bright and early, embracing the excitement of a bustling schedule.
  • Waking up with passion and zeal, he sets the tone for the day ahead.

Refreshing Skincare

  • Marc starts his skincare routine by using a toner from Joelle Co Co to cleanse his face thoroughly.
  • This step helps to remove any impurities and prepare his skin for the subsequent products.

Youthquake: Marc’s Secret Weapon

  • As an integral step in his skincare routine, Marc applies his own product called Youthquake.
  • This innovative moisturizer works wonders, leaving his skin feeling hydrated and rejuvenated.

Strategic Primer Application

  • To combat shine in certain areas, Marc applies a blurring coconut primer.
  • This primer ensures that his skin remains flawless and keeps those shiny spots at bay.

Makeup: A Transformative Accessory

  • Marc, a true makeup lover, acknowledges the transformative power of cosmetics as a fashion accessory.
  • He believes that makeup adds that extra oomph and elevates any look to new heights.

Under-Eye Concealer: A Final Touch

  • Occasionally, Marc applies under-eye concealer to touch up his look and achieve a fresh-faced appearance.
  • This simple step helps to brighten his eyes and create a more polished finish.

Perfectly Defined Brows

  • When it comes to eyebrows, Marc swears by his own formula product to achieve perfectly defined arches.
  • He meticulously fills in any sparse areas, ensuring his brows frame his face flawlessly.

Fragrance: A Personal Touch

  • Marc chooses to spray fragrance on his neck and wrists, expressing his personal style and leaving a captivating scent in his wake.
  • His favorites include Angelique’s and Le Pooid by Frederic Malle, adding an exquisite touch to his overall look.

The Perfect Hairstyle

  • Marc uses Oribase Rock Hard Gel to style his hair, achieving his desired look with ease.
  • To add a touch of shine, he finishes off with a gloss spray, creating a hairstyle that is both effortlessly chic and full of vibrancy.

Self-Expression through Fashion

  • Whether it’s makeup or outfits, Marc always chooses what resonates with him, embracing his happiness and individuality.
  • He believes that fashion is an outlet for self-expression and an opportunity to showcase one’s unique personality.


Marc Jacobs’s daily routine and beauty secrets are a testament to his creative genius and unwavering passion for fashion. From his carefully chosen skincare products to his innovative makeup techniques, Marc demonstrates how beauty and self-expression go hand in hand. By unveiling a bold red lip and sharing his personal routine, he inspires us to embrace our own individuality and use beauty as a means of celebrating authenticity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Marc Jacobs’s favorite skincare product?
    Marc Jacobs swears by his own product called Youthquake, which he incorporates into his daily skincare routine for hydrated and rejuvenated skin.

  2. How does Marc Jacobs combat shine in certain areas?
    Marc uses a blurring coconut primer to tackle areas that tend to get shiny, ensuring his skin remains flawless throughout the day.

  3. Does Marc Jacobs use under-eye concealer?
    Occasionally, Marc applies under-eye concealer to touch up his look and achieve a fresh-faced appearance.

  4. What product does Marc Jacobs use for his eyebrows?
    Marc proudly uses his own formula product to achieve perfectly defined brows, paying attention to detail and creating natural-looking arches.

  5. What fragrances does Marc Jacobs prefer?
    Marc favors fragrances such as Angelique’s and Le Pooid by Frederic Malle, creating a captivating and personalized scent profile.

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