Master the Art of the Perfect Cat-Eye with Supermodel Natasha Polly’s 3 Easy Steps | Beauty Secrets Revealed by Vogue

Welcome to our blog post where we, as beauty enthusiasts, are thrilled to share our insight on mastering the art of the perfect cat-eye. In this article, we will guide you through three easy steps divulged by none other than the renowned supermodel, Natasha Polly. Get ready to unravel the beauty secrets revealed exclusively by Vogue. So, join us as we embark on this exciting journey to achieve a flawless cat-eye look.

Master the Art of the Perfect Cat-Eye with Supermodel Natasha Poly’s 3 Easy Steps | Beauty Secrets Revealed by Vogue


When it comes to beauty, Vogue has always been the go-to source for all things chic and fashionable. From runway trends to celebrity styles, Vogue is the authority on all things beauty. In their latest video, Vogue takes us behind the scenes with Russian supermodel Natasha Poly as she demonstrates her 3-step perfect cat-eye technique. Filmed at the glamorous Standard, this video offers a glimpse into Natasha’s personal beauty routine and the therapeutic benefits she derives from doing her own red carpet makeup.

Step 1: Achieving a Flawless Complexion

Before embarking on her perfect cat-eye, Natasha starts with creating a flawless complexion. She begins by applying a primer to her face, which helps to make her skin matte and reduces shine. A matte finish creates the perfect canvas for a dramatic eye look. Natasha applies foundation all over her face, ensuring that no area is left untouched, even her ears. This attention to detail ensures a seamless and natural-looking finish.

Step 2: Concealing and Defining Facial Features

To cover any imperfections and signs of aging, Natasha uses a concealer with a liquidy texture. This allows the product to blend effortlessly into her skin, providing a natural-looking coverage. She applies the concealer on areas where wrinkles may be present, ensuring that her skin looks smooth and youthful. Next, Natasha shapes her eyebrows using a pencil to define their natural arch. This step helps to frame her face and enhance her overall look. To further define her features, she uses a contour powder to sculpt her jawline, adding depth and dimension to her face.

Step 3: Mastering the Art of the Cat-Eye

The highlight of this video is Natasha’s expert demonstration of creating the perfect cat-eye. She starts by setting her eyeshadow base with a lighter shade, ensuring that the colors she applies on top blend seamlessly. Using darker shades, Natasha adds depth and dimension to the crease of her eyelids, creating a sultry and seductive look. To achieve a precise eyeliner look, she uses a thin black pencil and carefully draws a winged shape that elongates her eyes. After applying the eyeliner, Natasha lets it dry before curling her lashes, creating a stunning contrast between her dramatic eyes and curled lashes.


By following Natasha Poly’s 3-step perfect cat-eye technique, anyone can achieve a flawless and glamorous look. Starting with a flawless complexion, enhancing facial features, and mastering the cat-eye, the possibilities for creating an alluring and captivating appearance are endless. Thanks to Vogue, beauty enthusiasts can now learn from the best and incorporate these techniques into their own beauty routines. So go ahead, embrace your inner supermodel and master the art of the perfect cat-eye.


  1. What is Vogue?
    Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates.

  2. Why did Natasha Poly choose to do her own red carpet makeup?
    Natasha Poly does her own red carpet makeup for therapeutic reasons. It allows her to have control over her own look and provides a sense of relaxation and self-expression.

  3. Where was the Vogue video filmed?
    The Vogue video featuring Natasha Poly was filmed at the glamorous Standard.

  4. What technique does Natasha Poly use to achieve the perfect cat-eye?
    Natasha Poly shares her 3-step perfect cat-eye technique, which involves creating a flawless complexion, defining facial features, and mastering the art of the cat-eye.

  5. What products does Natasha Poly use to achieve the perfect cat-eye?
    In the video, Natasha Poly uses a primer, foundation, concealer, contour powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner pencil, and mascara to achieve her perfect cat-eye look.

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