Maxine Ashley Reveals Her Flawless Cat Eye Tutorial | Beauty Tips from R&B Singer | Vogue

Are you tired of struggling to achieve the perfect cat eye? Look no further! In this blog post, R&B singer Maxine Ashley is here to share her flawless cat eye tutorial and beauty tips exclusively with you. Get ready to transform your makeup game and master the art of the fierce and fabulous cat eye look. With Maxine as your guide, you’ll learn all the secrets and techniques to create a flawless winged eyeliner that will make heads turn. So, get your makeup brushes ready and let’s dive into this incredible tutorial brought to you by Vogue.

Maxine Ashley Reveals Her Flawless Cat Eye Tutorial | Beauty Tips from R&B Singer | Vogue


Are you tired of struggling with achieving the perfect cat eye look? Look no further! In this video created by Vogue, rising musician, Maxine Ashley, shares her flawless cat eye tutorial, guiding you through every step to achieve a stunning look. Maxine’s talent extends beyond her musical prowess, as she effortlessly showcases her beauty expertise in this captivating video. Get ready to learn all the tips and tricks from Maxine as she takes you on a journey to flawlessly recreate her signature cat eye look.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1: The Perfect Base

Before diving into the cat eye, Maxine emphasizes the importance of prepping your skin. Start by applying a layer of sunblock to your face, neck, and chest as protection from harmful UV rays.

Step 2: Golden Eyes

When it comes to eye makeup, Maxine opts for a glamorous touch of gold. She begins by applying a gold shadow all over her lids. This adds a touch of luminosity and sets the stage for the cat eye.

Step 3: Flawless Liner

Next, Maxine takes her cat eye to the next level with peel-off black liner. She patiently creates a flawless winged liner, starting from the inner corner of her eye and extending it towards the outer corner. The peel-off formula not only makes the removal process easier but also ensures a sharp and precise finish.

Step 4: Filling the Brows

Maxine believes that well-defined eyebrows add a frame to your face. To achieve this, she fills in her brows using gentle strokes with an eyebrow pencil or powder. This helps create a more polished and put-together look.

Step 5: Finger Application

For a natural and effortless eye shadow application, Maxine ditches traditional brushes and opts to use her fingers. She gently blends a neutral shade onto her eyelids, adding depth and dimension to the overall eye look.

Step 6: Signature Eyeliner

Maxine’s iconic signature eyeliner is the perfect finishing touch to her cat eye. She expertly applies it on top of the eye shadow, accentuating her eyes and creating an alluring look that truly captivates.

Step 7: Easy Removal

Maxine knows the struggle of removing stubborn eyeliner, but she has the perfect solution. She recommends using a peel-off eyeliner that easily comes off with minimal effort. This saves you time and hassle, especially when you want to switch up your look for different occasions.

Step 8: Rosy Cheeks

To add a natural flush to her cheeks, Maxine opts for a long-lasting blush product. She applies it generously to the apples of her cheeks, giving her face a radiant and youthful glow. This step brings the entire makeup look together.

Step 9: Luscious Lashes

Maxine believes that no eye look is complete without mascara. Her favorite mascara combo includes Maybelline’s Great Lash and Lash Stiletto. She carefully coats her lashes three times, ensuring they are voluminous and perfectly separated.

Step 10: Hydrated Lips

Finally, to complete her flawless cat eye look, Maxine reaches for her favorite dark lipstick and seals it with a touch of shea butter. This not only adds hydration to her lips but also gives them a hint of shimmer, making them the perfect finishing touch.


Thanks to Vogue and Maxine Ashley, achieving a flawless cat eye look is no longer a distant dream. Maxine’s expert advice and step-by-step tutorial make it easily accessible for anyone, regardless of their makeup skill level. So why wait? Grab your beauty tools and get ready to recreate this stunning look that will leave everyone in awe.


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