Maye Musk’s Age-Defying Beauty Routine Revealed: Insights from a 73-Year-Old Model

I am thrilled to share with you my personal insights into Maye Musk’s age-defying beauty routine. As a 73-year-old model myself, I have long admired Maye’s timeless elegance and radiant glow. Join me as I delve into her secrets and discover the key elements that contribute to her ever-youthful appearance. From skincare tips to lifestyle practices, this blog post will uncover the remarkable beauty regime that has helped Maye Musk defy age and continue to shine in the industry. Let’s embark on this beauty journey together and unlock the secrets to timeless beauty!

Maye Musk’s Age-Defying Beauty Routine Revealed: Insights from a 73-Year-Old Model


Hello there! I’m Maye Musk, a 73-year-old model, and today I’m excited to share my beauty secrets with you. Throughout my career, I have learned the significance of skincare, especially considering the sun damage I experienced during my teenage years. Here’s a glimpse into my age-defying beauty routine and the products I rely on to keep my skin looking fresh and radiant.

Skincare is Key

When it comes to maintaining my youthful appearance, skincare is my top priority. Preventing sun damage is crucial, and I always make sure to protect my skin from harmful UV rays. I emphasize the importance of sunscreen and wear it daily to shield my skin from any further damage.

  1. Dior Eye Serum: Keeping My Eyes Moisturized

To keep the delicate skin around my eyes hydrated, I turn to the Dior eye serum. This product works wonders in reducing puffiness and minimizing fine lines, leaving my eyes looking refreshed and awake.

  1. Lip Balm: Hydration On-The-Go

One rule I never break is carrying lip balm with me wherever I go. Hydration is key, and applying lip balm throughout the day helps me keep my lips plump and moisturized, even during long photo shoots or events.

  1. Menopause: The End of Breakouts

Believe it or not, one of the benefits of menopause is bidding farewell to breakouts. While I experienced occasional skin blemishes during my younger years, my complexion has improved significantly as I entered this stage of life. It just goes to show that there’s always a silver lining!

Makeup Must-Haves

While I love embracing my natural beauty, makeup plays a significant role in enhancing my features and giving me that extra boost of confidence.

  1. Laura Mercier Sponge: The Foundation Secret

For flawless foundation application, I swear by the Laura Mercier sponge. It evenly distributes the product and gives me a seamless finish, creating the illusion of smooth and radiant skin.

  1. Dior Concealer: Wrinkle-free Touch-ups

To touch up any wrinkles or imperfections that may arise, I rely on the Dior concealer. It works wonders in concealing any signs of aging, ensuring a flawless complexion throughout the day.

Beauty Secrets for Generations to Come

As a mother of three children and a grandmother to twelve grandchildren, I emphasize the importance of taking care of oneself from an early age.

I encourage my children and grandchildren to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating well and protecting their skin from the sun. By engaging in healthy habits and practices, they can maintain their youthful glow, just like their grandma.

Met Gala Glamour and Collaborations

Attending events such as the Met Gala has given me the opportunity to explore different makeup styles and collaborate with talented artists who have their own unique visions.

  1. Custom Outfit and Yuna Yang

For the Met Gala, I had the privilege of wearing a custom outfit designed by Yuna Yang. The ensemble accentuated my individuality and made me feel like a true fashion icon.

  1. Experiments and Collaborations

I love to experiment with new makeup styles and collaborate with makeup artists who embrace my vision. Together, we create looks that are both timeless and captivating, showcasing that beauty knows no age limits.


In conclusion, Age-Defying Beauty Routine Revealed: Insights from a 73-Year-Old Model demonstrate the importance of skincare, makeup application techniques, and embracing one’s individuality. Maye Musk’s journey as a model serves as a reminder that beauty is not confined to a specific age group. It’s about feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin, while also taking care of yourself both on the inside and outside.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

  1. What is Maye Musk’s secret to age-defying beauty?
    Maye emphasizes the significance of skincare, especially protecting her skin from sun damage. She uses sunscreen daily and relies on products like Dior eye serum and lip balm to keep her skin moisturized and youthful.

  2. How does menopause affect Maye Musk’s skin?
    One benefit of menopause for Maye is the reduction in breakouts. Her complexion has improved significantly, showcasing the positive impact menopause can have on the skin.

  3. What are Maye’s go-to makeup products?
    Maye Musk relies on the Laura Mercier sponge for flawless foundation application and the Dior concealer to touch up any wrinkles or imperfections.

  4. How does Maye encourage her children and grandchildren to take care of their skin?
    Maye emphasizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition and sun protection. By instilling these habits from a young age, Maye’s children and grandchildren can maintain their skin’s health and radiance.

  5. What is Maye’s experience attending the Met Gala?
    Maye Musk attended the Met Gala and wore a custom outfit by Yuna Yang. The event allowed her to experiment with different makeup styles and collaborate with talented artists, resulting in captivating and timeless looks.

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