Model Georgia May Jagger: Unveiling Her Easy Beach Beauty Secrets | Vogue’s Guide

In Vogue’s Guide, the easy beach beauty secrets of model Georgia May Jagger are unveiled, offering valuable insights into her skincare and makeup routines. Discover how she effortlessly maintains a radiant and glowing look, perfect for those sunny days by the sea. Explore the expert tips and tricks revealed by Georgia herself, allowing you to embrace a natural beach-ready allure that exudes confidence. Join us as we delve into the world of this renowned model, and uncover the secrets behind her mesmerizing beauty on the shores.

Model Georgia May Jagger: Unveiling Her Easy Beach Beauty Secrets | Vogue’s Guide


In this captivating video created by Vogue, model Georgia May Jagger shares her secrets for achieving an effortless beach beauty look. Known for her stunning features and flawless style, Georgia reveals her preferred drugstore products and demonstrates how to enhance your natural beauty with minimal effort. Filmed by Amanda Brooks and edited by Deirdre Braun, this video offers a treasure trove of tips and tricks from a fashion icon. So, let’s dive in and uncover Georgia May Jagger’s easy beach beauty secrets!

Georgia May Jagger’s Basic Beach Beauty Look

  • Georgia May Jagger, with her radiant beauty, knows how to keep it simple yet stunning.
  • She believes in using drugstore products that are accessible to everyone, ensuring the best results for all.
  • In the video, Georgia takes us step-by-step through her basic beach beauty routine, giving us a glimpse into her personal style.

Skincare Routine and DIY Moisturizing

  • Before diving into her makeup routine, Georgia emphasizes the importance of having a solid skincare routine.
  • She shares her love for moisturizing and even creates her own moisturizing products.
  • By moisturizing regularly, Georgia indulges her skin with the nourishment it needs for that effortless beach glow.

Multi-tasking Lip Balm

  • Georgia May Jagger reveals one of her go-to beauty products – a lip balm that doubles as a dry skin savior and highlighter.
  • By utilizing a single product in multiple ways, she showcases the versatility of certain makeup items, making them essential travel companions.

Foundation Finesse

  • For foundation, Georgia applies the Burberry foundation stick using her fingers.
  • This technique ensures a natural and seamless finish, effortlessly blending the foundation into the skin.
  • Her approach highlights the simplicity and accessibility of her beach beauty routine.

Luscious Lashes

  • When it comes to lashes, Georgia May Jagger prefers the Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes mascara.
  • This mascara adds volume and thickness to her lashes, enhancing her entire look effortlessly.
  • With just a few coats of this mascara, Georgia achieves a mesmerizing gaze, perfect for those heartfelt beach moments.

Under Eye Pen for Hot Weather Makeup

  • Georgia avoids heavy foundation in hot weather and instead opts for an under eye pen.
  • This light and convenient product provide the necessary coverage without feeling heavy or melting off in the heat.
  • By adapting her makeup routine to the climate, Georgia ensures her beach beauty look stays intact.

Subtle Sparkle for Casual Beach Eyes

  • A little sparkle goes a long way, even in a casual beach makeup look.
  • Georgia May Jagger shares her secret for a touch of glamour on her eyelids – Fenty Rihanna gold eyeshadow.
  • This subtle sparkle adds a hint of radiance and sophistication, elevating the overall look effortlessly.

Complete the Look

  • To complete her beach beauty look, Georgia May Jagger focuses on the finishing touches.
  • She tames her brows with a brow gel, adding structure and framing her face.
  • A touch of bronzer and highlighter brings warmth and radiance to her complexion.
  • Finally, a swipe of lipstick adds a pop of color, completing the effortless yet captivating beach beauty look.


Georgia May Jagger’s easy beach beauty secrets, as revealed in this Vogue video, showcase her minimalist approach to achieving a stunning look. From drugstore product recommendations to her playful experimentation with multi-tasking makeup items, Georgia’s secrets are accessible and achievable for anyone looking to enhance their natural beauty. So go ahead and dive into Georgia May Jagger’s world of effortless beach beauty!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Who filmed the Vogue video featuring Georgia May Jagger?
A1: The video was filmed by Amanda Brooks.

Q2: Who edited the Vogue video featuring Georgia May Jagger?
A2: The video was edited by Deirdre Braun.

Q3: Is Georgia May Jagger a fan of drugstore products?
A3: Yes, Georgia prefers drugstore products for better results.

Q4: What is Georgia May Jagger’s favorite mascara?
A4: Georgia loves the Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes mascara for thick lashes.

Q5: What makeup item does Georgia May Jagger use instead of foundation for hot weather makeup?
A5: Georgia uses an under eye pen instead of foundation for hot weather makeup.

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