Model Yoon Young Bae Shares her Beauty Secrets: Cool-Girl Glitter Eyes and Red Lipstick Guide

In this blog post, Yoon Young Bae, the renowned model, generously shares her beauty secrets for achieving stunning makeup looks. Join her as she guides us through the process of creating the coveted cool-girl glitter eyes and mastering the art of sporting a gorgeous red lipstick. With Yoon Young Bae’s expert tips and techniques, you too can embrace these trendy and glamorous looks. So, get ready to dive into the world of high-fashion beauty with the guidance of a true style icon.

Model Yoon Young Bae Shares her Beauty Secrets: Cool-Girl Glitter Eyes and Red Lipstick Guide


When it comes to beauty secrets, who better to turn to than an international supermodel? In a recent video created by Vogue, Yoon Young Bae, a renowned model known for her striking beauty and impeccable fashion sense, spills the beans on her go-to beauty regimen. Directed by Talia Collis and filmed at the prestigious The Standard, this video offers a glimpse into Young’s everyday makeup routine, showcasing her love for cool-girl glitter eyes and a statement red lip. As the authority on fashion, beauty, and cultural trends, Vogue takes us on an exciting journey as we delve into Young’s unique beauty secrets, ensuring that every makeup enthusiast can recreate her stunning looks at home.

Yoon Young Bae’s Gentle Skincare Routine

Before diving into the world of makeup, Young emphasizes the importance of a gentle skincare routine. She starts by cleansing her face with a hydrating face wash, ensuring that her skin is clean and refreshed. Next, she applies a nourishing toner, followed by a hydrating face mask to provide an extra boost of moisture. By prepping her skin with these essential steps, Young ensures a flawless canvas for her makeup application.

The Base Makeup: Moisturizing Cream and Cushion Foundation

To achieve a natural and radiant base, Young uses a moisturizing cream, gently massaging it onto her skin to provide hydration and a smooth texture. She follows this with a cushion foundation, applying it with a beauty blender for a seamless finish. The combination of the moisturizing cream and cushion foundation creates a dewy and fresh-faced look, perfect for everyday wear.

Tinted Eyebrows and Brow Gel: The Perfect Frame

When it comes to eyebrows, Young prefers a tinted look. Using a brow pencil, she fills in any sparse areas and lightly defines the shape. To tame and set her brows in place, she then applies a brow gel. This simple step adds structure and definition to her face, framing her features beautifully.

Creating a Natural Look with Contouring and Eye Shadow

To achieve a natural-looking complexion, Young utilizes contouring techniques. Using a cream contour stick, she applies it along her cheekbones, jawline, and temples, blending it seamlessly with a makeup sponge. This step enhances her facial structure without appearing heavy or cakey.

For her eyes, Young opts for a subtle touch of color. She selects a light, neutral shade of eye shadow and gently sweeps it across her lids. This creates a soft and understated look, bringing attention to her eyes without overpowering the overall aesthetic.

The Statement Red Lip: Adding a Pop of Color

The pièce de résistance of Young’s makeup routine is her signature red lip. This statement color adds a touch of boldness and confidence to her overall look. Young expertly applies a matte red lipstick, ensuring precision and longevity. This standout feature perfectly complements her minimalist eye makeup, allowing her lips to take center stage.

Setting and Finishing Touches

To set her makeup in place, Young reaches for a facial mist. She spritzes it delicately across her face, ensuring all her hard work stays intact throughout the day. To add a touch of radiance and luminosity, she uses a liquid or cream highlighter, gently dabbing it onto the high points of her face. This final step provides a subtle glow, completing her signature beauty look.


Yoon Young Bae’s beauty secrets are truly a testament to her style and individuality. From her gentle skincare routine to her choice of makeup products, she showcases her passion for enhancing her natural beauty and expressing her unique personality. By following in Young’s footsteps, beauty enthusiasts can recreate her cool-girl glitter eyes and statement red lip, channeling their inner supermodel with confidence and flair.


  1. Q: What is Yoon Young Bae’s skincare routine?
    A: Yoon starts with a hydrating face wash, followed by toner and a hydrating face mask.

  2. Q: What makeup products does Yoon Young Bae use for her base?
    A: She uses a moisturizing cream and a cushion foundation for a natural and radiant look.

  3. Q: How does Yoon Young Bae shape her eyebrows?
    A: Young prefers a tinted look and uses a brow gel to shape and set her eyebrows.

  4. Q: What kind of eye makeup does Yoon Young Bae wear?
    A: She opts for a light eye shadow for a natural and understated look.

  5. Q: What is the standout feature of Yoon Young Bae’s makeup look?
    A: Young’s signature red lip adds a pop of boldness and color to her overall aesthetic.

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