Nessa Barrett’s Expert Advice on Skincare for Acne-Prone Skin with a ’90s Glam Twist | Beauty Secrets Revealed by Vogue

Welcome to our blog post where we dive into Nessa Barrett’s expert advice on skincare for acne-prone skin, with a ’90s glam twist. Join us as we unveil the beauty secrets revealed by Vogue and explore Nessa Barrett’s unique approach to achieving flawless skin. Discover the tips, tricks, and must-have products that will help you achieve your skincare goals and channel that iconic ’90s glamour. Let’s embark on this journey together and unlock the key to radiant skin, just as Nessa does.

Nessa Barrett’s Expert Advice on Skincare for Acne-Prone Skin with a ’90s Glam Twist | Beauty Secrets Revealed by Vogue


As avid fans of Singer Nessa Barrett, we are always curious about her beauty secrets and skincare routine. Recently, Nessa shared her personal journey with skincare, tackling acne breakouts, and embracing the Korean beauty trend. In this article, we will delve into Nessa Barrett’s expert advice on skincare for acne-prone skin and her unique take on ’90s glam. From her favorite products to her makeup routine, Nessa reveals her beauty secrets exclusively to Vogue.

Nessa’s Skincare Routine and Recent Obsession with Korean Beauty

Nessa Barrett confesses that dealing with acne breakouts has been a challenge for her. However, she has overcome it with a consistent and diligent skincare routine. Inspired by the Korean beauty industry, Nessa incorporates various skincare products into her regimen. Here are some key steps she follows:

  1. Cleansing oil: Nessa begins her routine by using a cleansing oil to remove makeup, dirt, and impurities from her skin. This step ensures a clean canvas for the rest of her skincare routine.

  2. Daily peels: To combat acne and promote cell turnover, Nessa includes a daily peel in her routine. This gentle exfoliation helps to brighten her skin and minimize breakouts.

  3. Toner: Nessa emphasizes the importance of using a toner to balance the skin’s pH levels and provide hydration. This step helps soothe her skin and prepare it for the next products.

  4. Essence: Nessa incorporates an essence into her routine, as it provides an added layer of hydration and nourishment to her skin. This step helps to plump and improve the overall texture of her complexion.

  5. Retinol serum: To tackle acne and promote skin regeneration, Nessa uses a retinol serum. This powerful ingredient helps to unclog pores, reduce inflammation, and minimize the appearance of acne scars.

Taking Care of the Mind and Body

While skincare is essential, Nessa also understands the significance of self-care for the mind and body. She reveals that stepping away from social media has been instrumental in maintaining her mental well-being. Nessa believes that taking breaks from the constant digital world allows her to reconnect with herself and find inner peace. By prioritizing self-care, Nessa encourages her fans to take time for themselves and focus on their overall well-being.

Nessa’s Makeup Routine and Love for ’90s Glam

In addition to skincare, Nessa Barrett is also renowned for her makeup prowess. She takes inspiration from the ’90s makeup and fashion trends, infusing them into her everyday look. Let’s explore Nessa’s makeup routine and some of her favorite products:

  1. Brow gel: Nessa begins her makeup routine by using a brow gel to achieve well-groomed and defined eyebrows. This step frames her face and enhances her overall aesthetic.

  2. Freckle pen: To emulate a natural and youthful appearance, Nessa uses a freckle pen to add freckles to her complexion. This creates a sun-kissed effect and adds a touch of whimsy to her look.

  3. Contour kit: Nessa defines her facial features by using a contour kit. By strategically shading and highlighting, she creates dimension and structure to her face.

  4. Blush: Nessa believes that the right blush can instantly liven up any look. She opts for a rosy shade that complements her skin tone, giving her cheeks a healthy pop of color.

  5. Lip liner: Nessa reveals that she loves experimenting with different lip liners to achieve her desired lip shape. By blending shades, she creates a unique and personalized pout.

The Evolution of Nessa’s Stage Makeup and Fashion

Nessa shares that her stage makeup and fashion have undergone a transformation over time. Initially, she leaned towards casual and minimalistic looks, but as she grew more comfortable on stage, her style evolved into a more glamorous aesthetic. Nessa now embraces bold outfits and incorporates elements of ’90s fashion into her performance ensembles.

She emphasizes that her makeup plays a crucial role in expressing her artistic vision. Nessa experiments with different eyeshadow palettes, opting for dramatic and shimmering shades to create eye-catching looks that captivate her audience. She also highlights the importance of finding the perfect foundation that not only matches her skin tone but also provides the necessary coverage to achieve a flawless complexion under stage lights.

Nessa recommends investing time in practicing intricate eyeliner techniques to truly enhance and define her eyes. She is a fan of the classic winged eyeliner and often adds a touch of glitter or a bold colored eyeliner for a playful twist. Nessa believes that eyes are the focal point of any makeup look, and by accentuating them, she creates a captivating presence on stage.

When it comes to lashes, Nessa prefers dramatic, voluminous lashes that add depth to her eyes and intensify her entire look. Mascara is a staple in her makeup routine, and she believes in layering it generously to maximize the effect.

In terms of lip products, Nessa relies on her favorite lip liners. She blends different shades to achieve her desired lip shape, creating a customized and unique look. She advises experimenting with different lip products and colors to find the perfect match for various occasions and moods.

Nessa’s Favorite Perfume and the Power of Scent

Nessa concludes her beauty secrets by revealing her favorite perfume and the impact it has on her overall presence. She believes that scent is a powerful tool that can evoke emotions and leave a lasting impression. Nessa carefully selects a fragrance that resonates with her personality and complements her style. This final touch completes her beauty routine, leaving her feeling confident and ready to conquer the world.

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In conclusion, Nessa Barrett’s expert advice on skincare for acne-prone skin, combined with her unique take on ’90s glam, provides invaluable insights into the world of beauty. From her skincare routine to her makeup preferences, Nessa’s beauty secrets are sure to inspire and empower individuals to embrace their own personal beauty journeys. Remember, taking care of your skin goes hand in hand with taking care of your mind and body, as self-care is the foundation of radiance and confidence. So go ahead, discover your own beauty secrets, and let your inner glam shine!

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