Nick Kroll and John Mulaney’s Expert Tips for Navigating Puberty

Welcome to our blog post where we dive into the world of puberty with the help of two comedic experts, Nick Kroll and John Mulaney. In this insightful piece, we will explore the invaluable advice and humor these talented individuals bring when it comes to navigating this often-difficult phase of life. Get ready to laugh, learn, and uncover some expert tips for conquering puberty like a pro.


Navigating puberty can be a confusing and potentially awkward time for both teens and tweens. Fortunately, there are experts like Nick Kroll and John Mulaney who are open to discussing these topics to help young people understand their changing bodies and emotions. In a recent interview, Kroll and Mulaney shared their insights and tips on addressing various aspects of puberty. Let’s delve into their conversation and discover some useful advice for teenagers and pre-teens.

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney Discuss Talking to Teens and Tweens about Sex

Talking to young people about sex can make parents and guardians feel uncomfortable. However, it’s a crucial conversation to have to ensure that teenagers have the right information and understanding. Kroll and Mulaney emphasize the importance of creating an open and non-judgmental atmosphere for discussions on this topic. They suggest that parents approach these conversations with a genuine desire to educate and support their children.

Meeting Brooke: A Young Girl with Questions

During their conversation, Kroll and Mulaney share an anecdote about meeting a young girl named Brooke, who had numerous questions about puberty. They recall how they approached this discussion with a mix of humor and sensitivity, ensuring they addressed Brooke’s concerns without making her feel embarrassed. This approach allowed Brooke to feel comfortable and open up about her queries.

Understanding Menstrual Products: What’s a Tampon?

One of the topics discussed between Kroll, Mulaney, and Brooke is menstrual products. They explain what a tampon is and how it helps manage menstrual flow. They emphasize the importance of normalizing conversations around periods and debunking any myths or stigmas associated with menstruation. This enlightening conversation helps Brooke and other young girls feel more confident and knowledgeable about their bodies.

Advice on Asking Someone Out and Confidence

Navigating romantic feelings can be nerve-wracking for teenagers. Kroll and Mulaney stress the significance of confidence when it comes to asking someone out. They share personal anecdotes about their own experiences, acknowledging the fear of rejection but encouraging young people to take risks and be brave. By instilling confidence, Kroll and Mulaney aim to empower teenagers to navigate the world of dating with a positive mindset.

Why Do Boys Smell Bad? Unraveling the Mystery

The conversation takes a humorous turn as Kroll and Mulaney address the topic of why boys might have body odor. They delve into evolutionary theories and joke about how humans have evolved from smelling bad to using deodorants. This lighthearted approach helps young boys understand that body odor is a natural part of puberty and that proper hygiene practices can combat it.

Baseball and Third Base: A Joking Comparison

In their discussion, Kroll and Mulaney cleverly compare the stages of a relationship to the bases in a baseball game. They mention “third base” jokingly, using innuendo to lighten the conversation. This comedic approach allows teenagers to see the lighter side of relationships and helps them understand the various stages in a fun and relatable manner.

Why Are Boys Awkward Around Girls?

One question that often baffles young people is why boys can be awkward around girls during puberty. Kroll and Mulaney discuss the impact of hormones and societal pressures on boys’ behavior. They encourage understanding and empathy towards both boys and girls during this crucial developmental phase. By shedding light on this topic, they help normalize these feelings and promote healthier interactions between genders.

Pimples and Skincare Regimens

Puberty often brings along unwanted guests in the form of pimples. Kroll and Mulaney discuss the common issue of acne and share their personal experiences with skincare. They stress the importance of maintaining a regular skincare regimen and seeking appropriate medical advice if needed. By addressing this topic, they help teenagers understand that pimples are temporary and can be managed with proper care.


Nick Kroll and John Mulaney’s insights and tips for navigating puberty provide a valuable resource for teenagers and pre-teens. Their open, humorous, and sensitive approach to discussing various puberty-related topics helps demystify these common experiences. By addressing stereotypes, normalizing conversations around sex and puberty, and encouraging confidence, they inspire young people to embrace their individual journeys through adolescence.

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