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Welcome to your personal guide to effortless beauty secrets with Olivia Rodrigo! In this insightful blog post, we will delve into Olivia Rodrigo’s expert skin-care and makeup tips, as unveiled exclusively in Vogue. Get ready to discover the insider knowledge on how to achieve that flawless, radiant look that Olivia effortlessly pulls off. So, sit back, relax, and let Olivia be your trusted companion as she reveals her tried-and-true beauty regimen. Let’s dive in and unlock the secrets to flawless beauty!


If you’ve been following the rising star Olivia Rodrigo, you might have also wondered about her impeccable skin and flawless makeup. In this article, we delve into Olivia Rodrigo’s expert skin-care and makeup guide, revealing her effortless beauty secrets. Whether you’re a fan or simply looking for tips to enhance your own beauty routine, let’s dig into Olivia Rodrigo’s beauty regimen and discover the secrets behind her radiant glow.

Olivia Rodrigo’s Beauty Routine: Simple and Focused on Self-Care

  1. Taking Ollie gummies for hair improvement
  2. Washing her face with Epione’s milky lotion cleanser
  3. Keeping her skincare routine minimal due to previous skincare issues
  4. Using The Ordinary serum and a gua sha tool for relaxation
  5. Prioritizing self-care to help recharge her

Taking care of her hair is one of Olivia Rodrigo’s initial steps to maintaining her overall beauty. She swears by Ollie gummies, which provide essential nutrients for healthy hair. These gummies are an integral part of her routine, contributing to her enviable locks.

When it comes to her skin, Olivia prefers a simple and effective approach. She starts by washing her face with Epione’s milky lotion cleanser, which gently removes dirt and impurities without stripping the skin’s natural moisture. By opting for a minimal skincare routine, she avoids overwhelming her skin, considering her previous skincare issues.

To give her skin extra love and relaxation, Olivia incorporates The Ordinary serum into her routine. This serum provides her skin with the necessary hydration and nourishment it deserves. Additionally, she enjoys using a gua sha tool to massage her face and promote blood circulation, resulting in a healthy glow.

Olivia’s Lip and Makeup Secrets

  1. Lip scrubs and chapstick for smooth and hydrated lips
  2. Applying bb cream with fingers for a natural finish
  3. Glossier’s stretch concealer for a subtle, dewy appearance
  4. Opting for bronzer for a tan and sun-kissed look
  5. Falling in love with blush as one of her favorite makeup products
  6. Highlighter for an added radiant glow
  7. Filling in her brows with Glossier’s Boy Brow and using Pro Tip liquid eyeliner for precision

Olivia understands the significance of well-nourished lips and incorporates lip scrubs and chapstick into her beauty routine. These products help her achieve smooth and hydrated lips, complementing her overall look.

When it comes to makeup, Olivia keeps it natural and uncomplicated. She applies bb cream, blending it expertly with her fingers, to achieve a delicate and even-toned complexion. To cover any imperfections, she relies on Glossier’s stretch concealer for a seamless and dewy appearance.

To add some warmth and dimension to her face, Olivia reaches for bronzer. This product allows her to achieve a natural tan and sun-kissed look effortlessly. Blush has also become one of her favorite makeup items, bringing a touch of color and radiance to her cheeks.

Highlighter is another must-have in Olivia’s makeup bag. By strategically applying highlighter to certain areas of her face, she manages to create a luminous and radiant glow that catches the light beautifully.

Lastly, she pays attention to her brows by using Glossier’s Boy Brow to fill them in subtly. For the finishing touch, Olivia enhances her eyes with Glossier’s Pro Tip liquid eyeliner, providing precise and defined lines.


Olivia Rodrigo’s expert skin-care and makeup guide reveals her dedication to simplicity and self-care. From her minimal skincare routine to her natural and effortless makeup choices, Olivia showcases how important it is to find what works best for you. By prioritizing self-care and using high-quality products, you too can achieve a radiant glow just like Olivia Rodrigo.

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