Rihanna’s Ultimate 10-Minute Guide for Perfect Going Out Makeup | Beauty Secrets Revealed | Vogue

In this ultimate 10-minute guide for perfect going out makeup, Rihanna unveils her exclusive beauty secrets. With a wealth of experience and a stunning sense of style, she shares invaluable tips and tricks to help you achieve a flawless look. Embark on a journey where Rihanna’s expertise in makeup shines through, as she reveals the essential steps and products needed for a striking evening look. Explore this comprehensive guide to discover the secrets behind Rihanna’s iconic red carpet appearances and get ready to elevate your going out makeup game to a whole new level. Get ready to be inspired by Rihanna’s impeccable beauty advice and let her guide you towards your own glamorous transformation.

Rihanna’s Ultimate 10-Minute Guide for Perfect Going Out Makeup | Beauty Secrets Revealed | Vogue


In a captivating and informative video created by Vogue, global icon Rihanna takes the audience on a journey through her ultimate 10-minute guide for perfect going out makeup. Using her own Fenty Beauty products, Rihanna shares her tips and tricks to achieve a flawless makeup routine that suits individual face shapes, while emphasizing the importance of contouring. With her expertise and magnetic charm, Rihanna gives viewers an insight into her personal beauty secrets, leaving them inspired to recreate her stunning looks.

Rihanna Does a Makeup Tutorial for Vogue

Rihanna, known not only for her sensational music but also for her entrepreneurial ventures in the world of beauty, takes center stage in this Vogue makeup tutorial. As the founder of Fenty Beauty, she showcases her expertise by demonstrating how to achieve a glamorous makeup look in just 10 minutes. Drawing from her own experiences and preferences, Rihanna offers invaluable insights into the art of makeup application.

She Uses Fenty Beauty Products for Her Routine

Throughout the tutorial, Rihanna uses her very own Fenty Beauty products. This allows her to showcase the versatility and effectiveness of her brand while ensuring sleek results. By utilizing her own line of cosmetics, Rihanna demonstrates the thought and care put into creating products that are both user-friendly and highly effective.

The Tutorial Takes 10 Minutes

One of the standout aspects of Rihanna’s makeup tutorial is its emphasis on efficiency. In just 10 minutes, the artist manages to create a stunning look that is perfect for a night out. This time-saving approach is invaluable to viewers who lead busy lives but still want to look their best. Rihanna’s ability to streamline her routine serves as a testament to her mastery of makeup application.

Rihanna Emphasizes the Importance of Contouring for Individual Face Shapes

A key aspect of Rihanna’s makeup tutorial is her focus on contouring. She recognizes the significance of tailoring this technique to suit individual face shapes, as opposed to adhering to a one-size-fits-all approach. By demonstrating various methods for contouring, Rihanna ensures that viewers can adapt her techniques to enhance their unique facial features.

She Warms Up Concealer on Her Hand Before Applying

In the tutorial, Rihanna shares a unique beauty hack – warming up concealer on the hand before application. By doing so, she ensures a smoother and more natural finish, as the product blends seamlessly into the skin. This insightful tip showcases Rihanna’s attention to detail and her commitment to achieving flawless results.

Her Makeup Routine Depends on Her Mood and Occasion

Rather than adhering to a fixed routine, Rihanna reveals that her makeup application depends on her mood and the occasion at hand. This flexibility allows her to experiment with different styles and adapt her look to suit any situation. By sharing this approach with viewers, Rihanna empowers them to embrace their creativity and individuality when it comes to makeup.

She Sets Her Contour and Makeup with Powder

To ensure longevity and a flawless finish, Rihanna sets her contour and overall makeup with powder. This step not only helps to lock everything in place but also adds a matte effect to the skin, creating a polished and professional appearance. By incorporating this essential tip into her tutorial, Rihanna provides an invaluable insight into achieving long-lasting and exquisite makeup looks.

Rihanna Uses Bronzer to Warm Up Her Face

Bronzer is a key component of Rihanna’s makeup routine. She uses it strategically to add warmth and dimension to her face, resulting in an effortlessly glowing and sun-kissed complexion. By demonstrating the correct application techniques, Rihanna ensures that viewers can achieve a natural and radiant look, regardless of their individual skin tone.

She Pays Special Attention to Her Brows and Nose Contour

Acknowledging the importance of the finer details, Rihanna pays special attention to her brows and nose contour. By meticulously shaping and defining her brows, she frames her face and adds symmetry. Additionally, Rihanna showcases various techniques to contour the nose, offering viewers the opportunity to enhance and refine their own features.

Rihanna Applies Eyeshadow and Blush for Added Drama

To elevate her makeup look and create added drama, Rihanna incorporates eyeshadow and blush application techniques. By choosing shades that complement her features and mood, she demonstrates how these simple steps can transform one’s overall appearance. This inclusive tutorial allows viewers to experiment with colors and styles, inspiring them to embrace their own unique beauty.


Rihanna’s ultimate 10-minute guide for perfect going out makeup, as revealed in the Vogue video, encapsulates her unparalleled talent and passion for all things beauty. From emphasizing the importance of contouring to showcasing specific techniques for various aspects of makeup application, Rihanna’s tutorial is a source of inspiration and knowledge. By utilizing her own Fenty Beauty products, she demonstrates their effectiveness while empowering viewers to embrace their own creativity. Rihanna’s charisma and expertise shine through in this captivating video, leaving a lasting impression on anyone looking to elevate their beauty routine.


  1. Q: What products does Rihanna use in her makeup tutorial?

    • Rihanna uses her own line of Fenty Beauty products throughout the tutorial, showcasing their versatility and effectiveness.
  2. Q: How long does Rihanna’s makeup tutorial last?

    • The tutorial takes just 10 minutes, highlighting Rihanna’s ability to achieve stunning results in a time-efficient manner.
  3. Q: Does Rihanna emphasize the importance of contouring?

    • Yes, Rihanna places great importance on contouring and tailoring this technique to suit individual face shapes.
  4. Q: Does Rihanna provide tips for setting makeup?

    • Yes, Rihanna sets her contour and overall makeup with powder to ensure longevity and a flawless finish.
  5. Q: What aspects of makeup does Rihanna pay special attention to?

    • Rihanna pays special attention to her brows and nose contour, showcasing the importance of these finer details in achieving a polished look.

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