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Besides being one of the best soccer players of all time, Ronaldinho is a charismatic athlete who has earned a lot of money in his brilliant career! But have you ever stopped to wonder how this soccer star lives? In this video, you will find out all about Ronaldinho’s luxurious life!

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Besides being one of the best soccer Players of all time Ronaldinho is a charismatic athlete who Has earned a lot of money in His Brilliant career Have you ever stopped to wonder how this Soccer Star lives In this video you will find out all About Ronaldinho's luxurious life [Music] Before we get started I challenge you You have to click on subscribe and Activate notifications check the option All but You have to do that in less than five Seconds you got it and if you can write In the comments hashtag all about Subscribe alright let's get started Career Born in 1980 in the city of Porto Allegra in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande du Sol Ronaldo de CIS Moreira Better known as Ronaldinho is one of the Best Brazilian soccer players of all Times his interest in the sport began When he was a child when he already Demonstrated his skill with the ball his Professional career started very early In the youth team of grimio where he Grew up and stood out for his unique Talent from there on Ronaldinho had the Opportunity to play in the best clubs in The world like Barcelona the team where He lives at the peak of his career with

His astounding dribbles he managed to Impress the world with his incredible Ability with the ball being considered Until today one of the greatest Idols of The Catalan Club parallel to this he was Called to wear the jersey of the Brazilian national team and played an Important role in the 2002 World Cup Where Brazil won its fifth Championship Among other important awards that Ronaldinho has won in the clubs where he Played are the UEFA Champions League La Liga and the libertador's cup and it is No wonder that the player was twice Selected best of the World by FIFA which Made him one of the greatest soccer Players in history and it is because of His impressive ability on the field that Ronaldinho is considered a soccer Legend And has earned a lot of money for his Excellent work Mansions in Brazil Ronaldinho is a Brazilian athlete who Does not skimp when it comes to choosing Good places to live he owns for example A modern high standard Mansion located In the Brazilian state of Rio De Janeiro The 3200 square foot residence has a Variety of accommodations and a lot of Artwork scattered throughout the rooms As well as decorative Awards and Trophies from the player among the main Rooms are the living room the formal Dining area and The Gourmet Kitchen with

Stainless steel appliances the Mansion Also has a family room with a TV and There are six bathrooms and five lovely Bedrooms to accommodate guests in Comfort one of which includes a huge Walk-in closet outside there's plenty of Space for recreation and outdoor dining Table a live music venue a rustic tree House and a large swimming pool with a Jacuzzi and Sun loungers for sunbathing During the 2014 World Cup Ronaldinho put This Mansion up for rent for fifteen Thousand dollars per night the former Player also has a mansion with two Soccer fields and an exclusive Condominium which is located in Porto Alegra in the state of Rio Grande du Sol Brazil it is not known how much the Mansion cost but because of improper Works carried out on the site Ronaldinho Has accumulated a debt of more than 2.2 Million euros and according to some Sources he had 56 properties besides This one blocked by the government Another property that Ronaldinho is Known to own is a large 11 400 square Foot mansion in Baroda tajuka which is Worth approximately 9.7 million dollars Cars Ronaldinho loves luxury Vehicles having Already been seen with a wide variety of Cars such as Chevrolet Tahoe of 50 000 Hummer H2 of sixty three thousand Dollars BMW X5 of 75 000

Cadillac Escalade of ninety thousand Dollars Porsche 911 Carrera S of 130 000 Aston Martin repeat of two hundred Thousand dollars Ferrari 458 Italia of 250 000 dollars Ferrari 488 GTB of 260 Thousand dollars Ferrari 488 spider of 280 000 Rolls-Royce cullinan of 350 000 and even A yellow Lamborghini Aventador the star Has flaunted on social media this is a Sports Supercar capable of reaching Impressive speeds being among the Fastest cars in the world the vehicle Has a 770 horsepower engine that Accelerates from 0 to 62 miles per hour In unbelievable 2.8 seconds reaching a Top speed of 217 miles per hour and to Acquire this super machine it may be Necessary to Fork out a whopping 450 000 Even more expensive Ronaldinho has also Posed next to a Bugatti Veyron a Supercar equipped with a thousand Horsepower engine which is capable of Reaching the maximum speed of 252 miles Per hour and that in its most complete Version can cost as much as 1.9 million Dollars another car that Ronaldinho has Already exhibited is a customized kagani Zonda a sports car equipped with a Powerful engine capable of accelerating From 0 to 62 miles in an impressive 2.8 Seconds and that can reach a top speed Of 217 miles per hour and to acquire a Sports car like this you need to pay

Around 2 million dollars Other properties Besides owning mansions in his home Country Ronaldinho has also lived in Beautiful properties around the world During his time at PSG for example Ronaldinho lived in a five-story mansion In bujieval France which has many Amenities such as an indoor swimming Pool currently Nemer Jr is a tenant of The residence and pays about sixteen Thousand six hundred dollars per month While under house arrest in Paraguay the Player stayed at the luxury hotel Palmeroga located in central ascencion The historic four-star building has Neoclassical architecture and several Accommodations for its guests to enjoy Such as an elegant Lobby a Charming Courtyard to hang out in a hall for Corporate events and two other formal Rooms ideal for smaller meetings there Is also a cafeteria a well-equipped Fitness center a patio with a luxurious Rooftop pool with stunning views and a Private party room with a wall of Beautiful mirrors the hotel's rooms are Cleanly designed and offer guests plenty Of comfort efforts and some are Configured as suites with luxurious Living Spaces and bathrooms built in Distinctive Styles Ronaldinho stayed in The presidential suite which has a Canopy bed a dining area with a round

Table and a small living room and a Bathroom with double sinks according to Media reports Ronaldinho and his brother Stayed in rooms whose daily rates were 300 and 380 dollars and since the player Stayed there for months it is estimated That he forked out one hundred thousand Dollars Ronaldinho also appears to have Lived in a luxurious beachfront home in Spain the property has many amenities And its distinguishing feature is in the Open layout rooms which offer lovely Views there are several cozy bedrooms And the master suite has glass walls With great ocean views that bring a lot Of Tranquility to day-to-day life as Well as having an amazing private Bathroom and a balcony with a hot tub Besides these properties it is Speculated that Ronaldinho also lived in A mansion in Castel de Fels in the Province of Barcelona Spain and there Are rumors that he still has properties In Greece Florida and Lake Como in Italy Exaggerated luxuries A soccer player as rich as Ronaldinho Has more than enough money to enjoy a Lot of comfort and luxury one of the Players favorite hobbies is to travel to Different places in the world always Staying in the best hotels an example is To stay at the five Palm Jumeirah which Is considered one of the hottest places In the region where the player certainly

Had a lot of fun and to give you an idea Of the price the most expensive Suite Can cost as much as thirty five thousand Dollars per night another hotel he has Stayed at is the Nikki Beach a Beachfront Resort that has a more Contemporary infrastructure with Accommodations that depending on the Suite Chosen and the time of year can Cost upwards of forty five thousand Dollars a night and of course in all These trips the player always uses Private jets a luxury that can cost tens Of thousands of dollars depending on the Destination and the aircraft Ronaldinho also likes to enjoy the high Seas aboard beautiful yachts another Luxury that can also cost tens of Thousands of dollars when it comes to Dressing well the Soccer Star doesn't Like to save any money and he has been Seen wearing beautiful watches such as Jacob and Company Five time zone of fourteen thousand Eight hundred dollars Cartier Santos 100xl of fifteen thousand dollars Voldemort issue a an 18K rose gold of 52 000 Diamond Audemar pissue extra fan of One hundred and sixty thousand dollars Audemar piso a tourbillion extra fan of 305 000 and even a Rolex rainbow Cosmograph Daytona this is a beautiful Watch that has almost 100 precious Stones counting 36 sapphires in a

Rainbow gradation and it also has 56 Diamond Stones and in order to have this Exclusive watch it may be necessary to Pay about five hundred and forty Thousand dollars we can say that Ronaldinho is a player who knows well How to enjoy his money Business Foreign Besides having made a lot of money as a Soccer player Ronaldinho has other Sources of income that continue to make Him a lot of money one of his most Recent businesses is his company aside By Ronaldinho which will sell a sigh in The United States in the line business He has already launched his wine brand In partnership with other wineries in The music industry he has a recording Company called Tropa do bruxo which has Released several music videos on his YouTube channel with more than 500 000 Subscribers technology companies are Another sector that the star likes to Invest in being a partner in a group That invests in thousands of startups The player is so tech savvy that he has Sold his own collection of nfts with his Images and has also created his own Cryptocurrency but without a doubt his Most significant source of income after Soccer has always been advertising Because he is a very well-known figure Around the world with several Brands

Interested in investing in His image to Have an idea of values Ronaldinho had an Annual contract with Coca-Cola for seven Hundred and fifty thousand dollars but He lost it after he was seen drinking Pepsi nowadays Ronaldinho manages to Have a good source of income by Advertising on his social networks only On Instagram for example he has more Than 70 million followers where he is Always promoting several brands with Sources estimating that a post of his Costs around two hundred and fifty Thousand dollars with all this we can Say that Ronaldinho is still making a Lot of money Net worth Being considered one of the best soccer Players of all time there's no doubt That Ronaldinho has earned a lot of Money throughout his brilliant career The amount that the player received in Salary at each Club varied according to The phase in which he was living at the Beginning of his career while playing For grimio for example it is estimated That he received around 1 million Dollars per year at Paris Saint-Germain The star's salary went up a lot with Estimates that he had a salary of around 2 million dollars but it was at Barcelona that Ronaldinho really lived The peak of his career because he was Twice considered the best player in the

World which increased his salary Exponentially to have an idea at that Time he was considered the most valuable And well-paid soccer player in the world Receiving a salary of approximately 10 Million dollars per season adding up all His earnings including sponsorships Forbes estimated that in 2006 he made About 26 million dollars and although This is a huge salary it is still far Below the amount that stars of the same Level as Ronaldinho currently receive And the reason for this is that soccer Has become more popular and grown Worldwide which leads us to think that If Ronaldinho played today his salary Would be much higher and even though Nobody knows exactly how much his Fortune is some sources estimate that Adding up all the money earned Throughout his career Ronaldinho Currently has a net worth of Approximately 100 million dollars an Amount more than enough for him to enjoy Life hey you like the video so don't Forget about leave your like and comment And tell some suggestions of another Videos and hopefully we gonna do it all About Channel deals to satisfy your Curiosity

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