Student Eman Abbas Reveals Her Egyptian Cat-Eye Beauty Secret – Vogue Beauty Secrets

We, at Vogue, are excited to share with you the captivating beauty secret of student Eman Abbas. In this blog post, we will delve into her Egyptian cat-eye beauty routine, unveiling the tips and tricks that have helped her achieve the perfect look. Join us as we explore Eman’s remarkable beauty journey and unlock the secrets to her mesmerizing cat-eye makeup.

Student Eman Abbas Reveals Her Egyptian Cat-Eye Beauty Secret – Vogue Beauty Secrets


In today’s digital era, beauty tutorials have become increasingly popular, with countless influencers and celebrities taking to various platforms to share their secrets. One such influential platform is Vogue’s Beauty Secrets series, which showcases the beauty routines of renowned individuals across the globe. In this article, we delve into a captivating video featuring student Eman Abbas as she unveils her unique Egyptian-inspired cat-eye makeup look. With her informative narration and skillful techniques, Eman takes us on a beauty journey like no other.

Eman Abbas and the Egyptian Cat-Eye Look

In the captivating video, Eman Abbas shares her expertise in creating an exquisite Egyptian-inspired cat-eye makeup look. She carefully guides us through each step, ensuring we don’t miss a beat. With her liquid liner in hand, Eman demonstrates the specific technique required to achieve the coveted cat-eye.

But what sets this tutorial apart is the cultural context Eman brings into play. She enlightens us with the knowledge that in Egypt, this particular cat-eye style is known as a Tess Mine. With this newfound information, we not only learn how to recreate the look but also gain insight into the rich cultural heritage of Egypt.

Eman’s videos are not only informative but also provide invaluable beauty tips. She suggests using castor oil on our lashes to promote their growth and strengthen them. This natural remedy comes as a pleasant surprise, as it is not frequently mentioned in other beauty tutorials. Eman’s emphasis on natural products makes us feel more connected to the beauty routine she shares.

Contouring and Brow Filling Techniques

As the video progresses, Eman Abbas expertly demonstrates two additional beauty techniques: contouring and brow filling. She skillfully uses a lighter shade of makeup to contour her face, highlighting her features and giving her a radiant glow. This step proves crucial in pulling the entire look together.

Turning her attention to her eyebrows, Eman showcases her expertise in filling them in using an Anastacio pomade and an angled brush. She skillfully creates shape and definition, allowing her brows to frame her face perfectly. Eman’s attention to detail and clear instructions make it easy for us to replicate this technique.

Personal Touch and Accessories

Adding a personal touch to her tutorial, Eman Abbas proudly showcases a beautiful pair of earrings she acquired from a local market in Egypt. These earrings not only enhance her overall appearance but also serve as a reminder of the cultural significance embedded in her makeup routine. Eman’s inclusion of this personal detail adds a thoughtful element to the video, making it more relatable and engaging.

The Perfect Finishing Touch

As the tutorial draws to a close, Eman Abbas leaves us with the perfect finishing touch to complete our Egyptian cat-eye look. She suggests either a new lipstick or a tinted lip balm, allowing us to choose the option that aligns best with our personal style and preference. This versatility gives her tutorial a broad appeal and ensures that we can adapt the look to suit our individual tastes.


Eman Abbas’s demonstration of her Egyptian cat-eye beauty secret in Vogue’s Beauty Secrets video is both informative and captivating. Her techniques and cultural insights provide a unique experience that sets her tutorial apart from others. By sharing her own expertise and incorporating personal touches, Eman brings a human-like style to her presentation. Her emphasis on natural remedies and attention to detail ensures that her beauty tutorial can be easily integrated into our own routines.


  1. Q: What is the significance of the Egyptian cat-eye look?
    A: The Egyptian cat-eye look holds cultural significance in Egypt and adds a touch of allure to one’s appearance.

  2. Q: Can castor oil truly promote eyelash growth?
    A: Castor oil is known for its nourishing properties and has been a popular choice for enhancing lash growth.

  3. Q: What other makeup techniques does Eman Abbas demonstrate in the video?
    A: Eman Abbas showcases contouring and brow filling techniques to complement the Egyptian cat-eye look.

  4. Q: Where did Eman Abbas acquire her earrings?
    A: Eman Abbas proudly showcases earrings she purchased from a local market in Egypt, adding a personal touch to her tutorial.

  5. Q: Can the Egyptian cat-eye look be customized to suit personal preference?
    A: Yes, Eman Abbas suggests finishing the look with either a new lipstick or tinted lip balm, allowing for personalization.

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