What Investors Truly Value: Insights Behind Screenplay Not Their Concern

Welcome, dear reader, to this blog post. Today, we will delve into a topic that concerns you directly – what investors truly value. Have you ever wondered what makes investors tick? What drives their decision-making process? It’s time to unveil the insights behind the screenplay that captures their attention, as we explore the factors that truly matter to them. So, sit back and get ready to discover the secrets that will help you understand what investors really want.

What Investors Truly Value: Insights Behind the Screenplay Not Their Concern


When it comes to investing in a film project, investors often prioritize the commercial viability and potential returns. They meticulously analyze financial projections, market trends, and the team involved in the production. However, what should also be considered is the depth and quality of the screenplay itself. Antoine Allen, an award-winning filmmaker, is a prime example of someone who has successfully broken through obstacles to pursue his dreams by delivering exceptional storytelling through his screenplays. In this article, we will explore the journey of Antoine Allen, his accomplishments as a filmmaker, and the insights behind screenplays that investors may often overlook.

Antoine Allen’s Journey: Breaking Through Obstacles

Antoine Allen’s journey in the film industry began in the music industry. However, his passion for storytelling led him to explore other avenues where he could fully express his creativity. He transitioned into becoming a successful writer, director, filmmaker, and producer. It is through his perseverance and determination that he overcame various challenges in the pursuit of his dreams.

Allen’s Directorial Debut: “Split Decision”

Antoine Allen’s directorial debut, “Split Decision,” marked a turning point in his career. The film not only showcased his skills as a filmmaker but also displayed his ability to create compelling narratives. With a successful social media campaign, “Split Decision” generated significant buzz and ultimately sold out its premiere. The film received critical acclaim for its powerful storytelling and impressive cinematography.

“Life Is Too Short”: A Path to Success

Following the success of “Split Decision,” Antoine Allen ventured into a full-length feature film, “Life Is Too Short.” This project proved to be a significant milestone for him as it premiered to sold-out audiences. The film’s thought-provoking storyline resonated with viewers, and it went on to receive multiple awards, solidifying Allen’s position as a talented filmmaker who understands the essence of captivating storytelling.

“Lola 2”: Antoine Allen’s Latest Project

Antoine Allen’s latest project, “Lola 2,” is a testament to his dedication to the craft of screenplay writing. With five executive producers, including himself, “Lola 2” promises to be another remarkable addition to Allen’s repertoire. However, what truly sets this project apart is the method of financing and the crowdfunding campaign behind it.

Unique Financing: Crowdfunding with AP Credits

For the production of “Lola 2,” Antoine Allen adopted a unique approach to financing through a crowdfunding campaign. Instead of offering equity, Allen provided AP Credits to his investors. This alternative method allowed individuals to contribute to the project without having a direct financial stake. By doing so, Allen successfully reached out to around 40-50 people within a month and raised an impressive $25,000.

Personal Investment: Commitment to Excellence

In addition to the crowdfunding campaign, Antoine Allen personally invested $65,000 in “Lola 1.” This level of dedication showcases his commitment to delivering high-quality films that resonate with audiences. It reflects his belief in the power of storytelling and his determination to bring his creative vision to life.

Monica Floyd: A Guardian Angel for “Lola 2”

Antoine Allen’s encounter with Monica Floyd, a producer from True Vision Media Group, proved to be a game-changer for “Lola 2.” They connected through the social media app Clubhouse, which highlights the power of networking and the immense potential of platforms in connecting like-minded individuals. Monica Floyd recognized the value of Allen’s screenplay and became a guardian angel, providing the essential support needed for the film to thrive.


While investors primarily focus on financial aspects and market trends when evaluating film projects, the intrinsic value of the screenplay often goes unnoticed. Antoine Allen’s journey exemplifies the significance of storytelling in the world of cinema. By prioritizing the quality of the screenplay and forging meaningful connections, Allen has successfully overcome obstacles and brought his creative vision to life. As the industry progresses, it is essential for investors to acknowledge the importance of the insights behind the screenplay, as it forms the foundation upon which a successful film is built.

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