Why Writers Should Prioritize Writing Series Over Single Stories – Insights from Jennifer Dornbush

As a writer, I have come to the realization that prioritizing writing series over single stories is not only a wise choice but also an essential one. In my journey as an author, I have gained valuable insights from renowned writer Jennifer Dornbush, which have transformed the way I approach my craft. Join me as I share the reasons why I believe focusing on series writing is crucial for any writer aiming to make a lasting impact in the literary world. Let’s dive in and explore the exciting possibilities that await us in the realm of series writing.


As an experienced screenwriter, author, speaker, consultant, and forensic science specialist, I have come to realize the importance of prioritizing series writing over single stories. Crafting a crime series or a standalone story is a strategic decision for writers, and it can have a significant impact on their career prospects and financial viability. In this article, I will share insights from my own journey as well as discuss why writing a series is crucial in today’s publishing landscape.

Why Series Writing Matters

Building Long-term Prospects

When it comes to attracting literary agents and publishers, writers who can sustain a series are often prioritized. While standalone books can be enticing, series writing demonstrates an author’s ability to create a compelling narrative arc that can span multiple books. This long-term prospect appeals to both agents and publishers, who are always on the lookout for writers who can provide them with a guaranteed stream of content.

Marketability and Career Potential

Publishers, particularly in the crime fiction genre, actively seek series writers due to their marketability and career potential. Readers often develop a strong attachment to a well-crafted character and become invested in their journey. By writing a series, authors can tap into this loyalty and keep readers engaged and eager for more. This not only increases book sales but also opens doors for adaptations into other media forms such as TV shows or movies, further expanding the writer’s reach and success.

Financial Viability for Indie Writers

For independent writers, series writing offers significant financial viability. By creating a captivating series, authors can build a loyal fan base who eagerly anticipate each new installment. This dedicated readership often leads to higher sales, increased visibility, and the potential for long-term success. Additionally, writing a series allows indie authors to capitalize on the popularity of established series in the market, attracting readers who are hungry for more stories in a similar vein.

Growing Up in the Forensic World

My personal journey as a writer has been heavily influenced by my upbringing in the forensic world. Being the daughter of a medical examiner, I was exposed to the intricacies of crime scenes, autopsies, and the relentless pursuit of justice from an early age. This background not only shaped my passion for crime fiction but also developed my expertise in forensic science, which I now incorporate into my writing and consulting work.

The Importance of Series Writing

Reader Investment and Engagement

One of the key reasons why writers should prioritize series writing is the ability to foster reader investment and engagement. When readers connect with a character and become emotionally invested in their journey, they are more likely to continue reading subsequent books in the series. This creates a strong bond between the reader and the writer, leading to increased loyalty and support for future projects.

Passion Projects vs. Series Potential

While standalone books can be passion projects that writers pour their hearts and souls into, they don’t always lend themselves to a series. Some stories are best told within the confines of a single book, with a clear beginning, middle, and end. However, for writers looking to establish themselves in the market and build a sustainable career, prioritizing series writing offers greater potential for long-term success.


In conclusion, prioritizing series writing over single stories is a strategic decision that can have a significant impact on a writer’s career prospects and financial viability. By demonstrating the ability to craft a compelling narrative arc across multiple books, writers can attract the attention of literary agents and publishers, tap into reader loyalty, and achieve long-term success. While passion projects have their place, prioritizing series writing allows writers to fully leverage the marketability and career potential of their work. So, why wait? Start planning your next gripping series today!

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