Why Writers Shouldn’t Define Themselves by Their Stories – Insights from Jonathan Blum

In his thought-provoking insights, Jonathan Blum explores why writers should steer clear from defining themselves solely through their stories. Delving into the profound connection writers often establish with their work, he sheds light on the pitfalls of such self-identification. Through his perspective, Blum challenges writers to embrace the fluidity of their creativity and the transformative power it holds, ultimately urging them to unlock new realms of imagination unhindered by self-imposed boundaries. Discover the wisdom behind Blum’s perspective as we delve into the reasons why writers should free themselves from the limitations of defining their identity solely through their stories.

Why Writers Shouldn’t Define Themselves by Their Stories – Insights from Jonathan Blum

In the world of writing, there are countless pieces of advice and guidelines offered to aspiring writers. One of the most common pieces of advice is to “write what you know.” However, Jonathan Blum, an acclaimed author and writing instructor, challenges this notion in a thought-provoking video created by Film Courage. In this article, we will delve into the insights shared by Blum and explore why writers shouldn’t define themselves solely by their stories.

H1: Discovering the Essence of Writing
Blum believes that writers often fall into the trap of labeling themselves based on the content they write. They become identified as a fantasy writer, a romance writer, or a thriller writer, defining their entire writing career and identity by one genre. Blum argues that this narrow self-definition limits their creative potential and hampers their growth as writers.

H2: Exploring Beyond Boundaries
Blum encourages writers to go beyond the confines of their chosen genre and explore other writing styles and subjects. By venturing into uncharted territory, writers can broaden their creative horizons and discover new perspectives that can enrich their storytelling. Blum asserts that the act of pushing boundaries and embracing diversity in writing ultimately leads to personal growth and artistic development.

H2: The Fluidity of Identity
Blum emphasizes that writers should not be restricted to one fixed identity based on the content they produce. Just like human beings, writers are complex individuals with multifaceted interests, experiences, and ideas. By embracing this fluidity, writers allow themselves the freedom to experiment, grow, and evolve as artists.

H3: Jonathan Blum’s Background and Expertise
Jonathan Blum, the advocate of not defining oneself solely by their stories, has a rich background in writing. He is the author of two critically acclaimed books of fiction. Iowa Public Radio and Electric Literature have recognized his books as some of the best books of the year. Blum’s short stories have been published in various esteemed publications, showcasing his versatility as a writer.

H3: Sharing Knowledge and Experience
In addition to his writing endeavors, Blum has successfully shared his knowledge and experience with others. He has taught fiction writing at different universities and writing festivals, guiding aspiring writers on their creative journeys. Blum’s expertise has been acknowledged through awards and grants he has received, testament to his skills as an instructor and mentor.

H3: Connecting with Jonathan Blum
For writers seeking guidance and inspiration, Jonathan Blum offers writing classes that can help unlock their creative potential. Writers can connect with him through his website, where they can find information about his classes, workshops, and other resources to enhance their writing skills. Blum’s website serves as a platform for writers to engage with him and gain valuable insights from his experience.

H3: Other Videos on Film Courage
Film Courage, the platform hosting Jonathan Blum’s video, offers an array of content for writers and creatives. Writers can explore other videos on the channel, covering a wide range of topics related to storytelling and the writing process. Film Courage provides a wealth of knowledge and inspiration, making it a valuable resource for aspiring and established writers alike.

H3: Supporting Film Courage
If you find value in the content provided by Film Courage, you have the opportunity to support their mission. You can become a member of Film Courage, unlocking exclusive benefits and access to additional resources. Another option is to become a patron, contributing directly to the platform’s sustainability and the creation of more informative and insightful content.

Jonathan Blum’s insights challenge the traditional notion of defining oneself solely by their stories. Writers should embrace the fluid nature of their craft and explore beyond their chosen genres. By pushing boundaries and embracing diversity in their writing, writers can unlock their creative potential and experience personal growth. Through his own accomplishments as an author and his passion for teaching, Blum offers valuable advice to writers who seek to expand their horizons. So, let go of the constraints of self-definition and embark on a journey of creative exploration.


  1. How can I connect with Jonathan Blum?
    You can connect with Jonathan Blum through his website, where you can find information about his writing classes, workshops, and other resources.

  2. Are there other videos available on Film Courage?
    Yes, Film Courage offers a wide range of videos covering various topics related to writing and storytelling. These videos serve as a valuable resource for both aspiring and established writers.

  3. Can I support Film Courage?
    Absolutely! You can support Film Courage by becoming a member, gaining access to exclusive benefits, or by becoming a patron and directly contributing to the platform’s sustainability and content creation.

  4. As a writer, is it important to explore different genres?
    Exploring different genres can be highly beneficial for writers. It allows them to broaden their creative horizons, gain new perspectives, and grow as artists.

  5. How can Jonathan Blum’s insights help me as a writer?
    Jonathan Blum’s insights encourage writers to break free from the constraints of self-identification and explore beyond their chosen genre. This can unlock creative potential, lead to personal growth, and enhance the overall writing experience.

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