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In this blog post, the step-by-step performance makeup routine of Yemi Alade is unveiled. Discover the beauty secrets behind her captivating stage presence as she shares her tried-and-tested techniques. From prepping the skin to mastering flawless foundation application, she reveals the essential products and tips that have become integral to her signature look. Join Yemi Alade on this journey to achieving stunning stage makeup and unleash your inner superstar.

Yemi Alade’s Step-by-Step Performance Makeup Routine Revealed


In a mesmerizing video by Vogue, the soulful and stunning Yemi Alade, a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and performer, graciously reveals her go-to getting ready routine for performances. With her charismatic smile and natural beauty, Yemi takes us through her step-by-step makeup routine, showcasing the products and techniques that help her achieve her stunning stage-ready look.

Yemi’s Go-To Skincare Products

Yemi begins her makeup routine by emphasizing the importance of having a flawless canvas. To achieve this, she starts with a charcoal cleansing bar, which deeply purifies her skin while ensuring that it remains hydrated and supple. Yemi then swears by using pure coconut oil as a moisturizer to give her skin a natural glow and keep it looking radiant throughout her performances.

Eyebrows on Fleek with Maybelline

For beautifully defined eyebrows, Yemi turns to Maybelline’s eyebrow definer pencil. With its precise tip and easy application, she effortlessly fills in her brows to create a polished and put-together look. Yemi believes that well-groomed eyebrows are essential to frame the face and enhance the overall makeup look.

The Importance of a Good Primer

Yemi stresses the significance of using a high-quality primer before applying her makeup. A good primer not only helps to even out the skin tone but also acts as a base for the foundation, ensuring that the makeup stays in place throughout her energetic performances. Yemi recommends using a primer that is tailored to one’s skin type for the best results.

Flawless Face with Maybelline and Fenty Beauty

To achieve a flawless complexion, Yemi combines Maybelline foundation with Fenty Beauty concealer. She carefully applies the foundation using a brush, gently blending it into her skin for a seamless finish. Yemi then uses the concealer to brighten her under-eye area and conceal any blemishes, highlighting her radiant features.

Enhancing the Eyes and Sculpting the Face

Yemi believes in accentuating her eyes and lips to create a captivating and impactful makeup look. To enhance her eyes, Yemi expertly applies false lashes, which add depth and intensity. She then uses MAC bronzing powder to contour her face, creating dimension and structure. By bringing definition to her features, Yemi achieves a stage-ready look that is both mesmerizing and unforgettable.

Finishing Touches

To complete her performance makeup, Yemi reaches for Revolution Pro lipstick. She selects a bold and vibrant shade that suits her personality and complements her overall look. With a swipe of this statement lip color, Yemi is ready to captivate the audience with her powerful performances, while radiating confidence and beauty.

Vogue: The Ultimate Fashion and Beauty Authority

As an influential fashion and beauty publication, Vogue provides a platform for artists like Yemi Alade to showcase and celebrate their unique style and talent. Vogue is renowned for its impeccable fashion news and its commitment to covering beauty across a broad spectrum. By featuring Yemi’s makeup routine, Vogue highlights the diversity and creativity of the global beauty industry.

Nigerian Pride: The Makeup Skills of Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade proudly represents Nigeria on an international stage. Through her mesmerizing performances and exceptional makeup skills, she exemplifies the talent and artistry present in Nigeria’s beauty industry. Yemi’s dedication to highlighting her eyes and lips embodies her individuality and allows her to express herself authentically through her makeup looks.


In Vogue’s captivating video, Yemi Alade shares her step-by-step performance makeup routine, revealing the secrets behind her captivating beauty on stage. From the use of charcoal cleansing bars and coconut oil for a flawless base to the selection of Maybelline and Fenty Beauty products for a radiant complexion, Yemi showcases her expertise in creating a glamorous look that captivates audiences around the world. With her emphasis on highlighting the eyes and lips, Yemi sets an example for individuals looking to express themselves through the power of makeup. Vogue’s collaboration with Yemi Alade is a testament to the magazine’s commitment to celebrating beauty diversity and supporting the talents of global artists.


  1. Q: What products does Yemi Alade use for her skincare routine?
    A: Yemi Alade uses a charcoal cleansing bar and coconut oil for her skincare routine.

  2. Q: What eyebrow product does Yemi Alade recommend?
    A: Yemi Alade recommends Maybelline’s eyebrow definer pencil for beautifully defined eyebrows.

  3. Q: Why does Yemi Alade emphasize the use of a good primer?
    A: Yemi Alade stresses the importance of using a good primer to keep makeup in place during performances.

  4. Q: What foundation and concealer does Yemi Alade use for her face?
    A: Yemi Alade uses Maybelline foundation and Fenty Beauty concealer for her face.

  5. Q: How does Yemi Alade finish her performance makeup look?
    A: Yemi Alade finishes her performance makeup look with Revolution Pro lipstick.

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